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Peanut Butter

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They were running a special on peanut butter and my sweet tooth demanded cookies. If I don't share them with you, all the calories will go to MY stomach.
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  1. lordmojo5:49
  2. 1y2n1536:41
  3. GJDENT11:51
  4. InvisiblePJs12:25
  5. Emmergee12:41
  6. linmey15:08
  7. dize516:58
  8. vschlickbernd17:46
  9. twistid_lizzie18:44
  10. Merry22:59


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I also mean that the baking is messy as well as the kitchen.


Hello, GJDENT --
I create very few puzzles - too busy putting together other people's creations. I live in the MidAtlantic area of the U.S. And I, too, am captured by the brightly-colored puzzles posted by others.
BUT you've reminded me that I need to bake another batch of these -- before I eat all the kisses first!

And I agree with you on cleaning up the messy kitchen when you're finished. I wish there really WERE elves who could appear overnight.

That was a challenge puzzle. I don't know this creater. I enjoy all the pretty bright and colourful and vibrant puzzles . I started jigidi in 2017.

I am on a diet but I love sweet things especially white chocolate and cheese cake.

I would like to try one because peanut butter is my favourite. But I am not a baking person. I don't like it because it is messy.




These are my hubby's favorite! I love the cookie but not the kiss! I give them to my hubby! Thanks for sharing your "sweet" baking!


Thank you, RiverCity7. I don't do much puzzle making (nor do I bake a lot of cookies regularly), so it's especially nice to get positive feedback.

SO glad to help!!!

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