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EYE SEE 6000

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Good for you @nanapuzzler. I wish you both a very happy and healthy life amongst your fruit, vegetables and animals. Ohhh, gives me lovely, long kept memories of lovely relatives, and wonderful times. ***


I'm with you Fay @Fowly !!! MY maternal grandparents and great grandparents lived on a farm. My grandson and I bought this 2 acre farm last year just so we could live, as much as possible, like they did in the 1920's. We are hoping to be self-sufficient in 5 years***


Just move over and I will join you @nanapuzzler.

My maternal grandparents had a large farm, they had a hard but wonderful life. For many years I have thought we would be better off back in the horse and cart era.

Getting off my bandbox now. Fay.


So sadly true!! But I think it is being greedy (not wanting freedoms) that is destroying this planet. Greed (wanting WAY more than we need), consumerism, ignorance (on the part of many poor peoples who burn down rain forests to grow their crops) and people not helping people (selfishness). At first we were naive about what effects our actions were having but that has not been the case for a very long time. We no longer take responsibility for our choices and actions.

I'll get off my soapbox now!


But that IS happening, @flicka43, my country was ravaged with fires, then it rained and we had floods, we have areas that have been in drought for years. Other countries have had earthquakes, and other disasters since the Coronavirus reared its ugly head. And if we get too complacent about that now restrictions have been lifted, we could be heading for a second bout of it, and more restrictions. :((


If I were Mother Earth, I would be sobbing so hard, there would be earthquakes and floods everywhere! And that's because of the way we treat our animals! As for the list of seven more offenses, I would try to implode and instantly become the black hole that we seem to be slowly becoming. Thank you, dawnicus, for a sad, but lovely piece of art that was, after all, an enjoyable solve. :/

A lot of truth to this. I also agree with navyveteran.


I second that Amen. Pretty sad


Amen! And we destroy the ONLY planet we have because we want our freedoms! :( patsy