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  1. auntmom71:06
  2. glenestele1:08
  3. aka0381:15
  4. Ianto1:22
  5. Pekaji1:28
  6. Atieno111:30
  7. GraGra112:01
  8. Rainrider12142:43


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That foot is free and MIA


'Footloose and fancy free' comes to mind.


Just a little Med is all. So am I the only person that looks at things and trys to place it in preservative with life? It is a lot of fun, and if you find others that are willing to try, you can learn a lot about how they think.


RR not sure what you are smoking but can I have some? :)


Well I just can't let it go. So here we go. I don't see loneliness, rather one that stands out above the rest. Surrounded by an organism that when seen one by one, are all the same. Seeming useless, and mundane. Yet as a whole they can be fun, and fulfilling.


@Mazy wish to start the this discussion? I have always found that get to heart of any person, this is the best place to start.


So many things come to mind with this, thank you for kick starting my brain. This would a great way kick off a philosophical discussion. Though sadly I am not sure many would wish a discussion that forces one to look deep in-side them selves.
On the lighter side. I am never alone, I live my won little world. It's really great here, everyone gets along great, and they know me by name. Let everyone know I may never return to their world. LOL

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