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new 2016 - Claudia was born in Amos, Québec.
She left for Guatemala with an NGO from Canada to work with Maya woman after studying horticulture.
With no formal training in the visual arts, she tried day after day to capture the essence of these woman.
Her paintings represent the melancholic souls and inner strength that motivates them. She also likes to explore the universal connection between mother and child.
She stayed in Guatemala for 12 years. She opened an art Gallery and established herself at the heart of regional culture. Her work was shown at countless exhibits throughout Central America. She would not have left, if it were not for the rising violence. She has now returned to Montréal with her Guatemalan born son. She still paints full time, now more dedicated to children's books, with always the same intention, love.
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  1. PalomaV5:29
  2. Svade5:32
  3. thee6:18
  4. minime7:18
  5. Pecloca7:24
  6. hazelhigson7:48
  7. Piecework8:07
  8. bhutton8:07
  9. oldandancient8:10
  10. Kasperas8:39


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Yes! She's Amazing!


Thanks Jeri! ♥

My pleasure Dottie...I just 'found' her too (he he) I love her story as well. No art training! Amazing.


I have become a Claudia Tremblay fan! I love her art!! Thanks for introducing me to her, sweet Lori!




I'll happily move to Greece with you!! (ha ha) It is SO beautiful there...lots of walking though...might be a while. I love the white-washed homes right on the beach! Mikonos? ♥


Hello my soul sister Lori!!! I'm glad you like my country!!! But if I could I would live in Greece!!! And of course this painting will decorate your apartment!!! Love you Lori!!!


I am so glad you liked it KALLIE...I just 'found' this artists name and I love her works as well. Thank you ~ Lori


Hello my soul sister Cecilia....was looking at gorgeous pics of Argentina online last lost for hours! Hugs to you ♥ (I love this image too!) You can hang it on my wall when you decorate my next apartment! :)


Superb painting. Thank you very much.☺


Hi Lori!!! I love watercolors!!! This painting is so beautiful!!! Love and hugs to you my sister!!! :o)


Yes, I do too. I think this is my favorite of hers (so far) I like her yoga images too...I could neber actually DO it, but they're lovely. :)) Thanks O&A!

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