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Kit Cat Says Hello!

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I take tons of pics of him, but I never seem to have one that looks like it would make a good puzzle. I wanted you to see how he is growing; nearly 5 months old.
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  1. slavka15:23
  2. webpeggy5:47
  3. SoniaR5:57
  4. babray6:04
  5. racoonstar6:15
  6. alene16:22
  7. Impie6:23
  8. thebetterhalf6:47
  9. thehippo7:15
  10. iss467:17


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As an only child, my kitties were so loved...unfortunately the poor things had to put up with being dressed in doll clothes! Oh the songs they could sing....I love hearing them purr! Lorraine


Lorraine, yes, my dad named little no name Kit Cat, he wanted to call him KC. He was a wonderful companion for my dad’s last nine months, and now he looks after my mom! Pal is my best little friend ever and I don’t know what I would do without him. We just lost his brother Petey and Pal is grieving.

Love your "model": Kit Cat!! Did little "No Name" ever get a name? Pal is sweet too. Lorraine

Peggy, I think his tail blossomed under your care! ☺☺☺


I truly haven’t been able to get a picture that does his tail justice. I remember when I first found him my mom saying he didn’t have much of a tail!


You've posted LOTS of good puzzles of Kit Cat, but this is one of the best. Very good-looking cat, with a wonderful tail.

Hi Handsome! Good to see you again!


that was a year ago. can we see him again?


Hello, Kit Cat! So handsome!! So glad you rescued him and that he has a loving forever home. Hope he's still doing great.

Kit Cat, the West Texas Kiddos cannot wait to meet you, Tres said to tell you he'd love to lay chase!


How could anyone 'dump' such a cutie, or any kitty for that matter. So glad you rescued him. I wish him a long, healthy and happy life with your parents.

Thank you for rescuing him!! He looks very sweet!!

Handsome cat


Kit Cat thanks you. People do seem to love his tail, and his fuzzy ears. I rescued him after somebody dumped such a cutie, and he lives with my parents now. They have fallen in love with him and he is great company for them.


Hello to you too, Kit Cat. What a pretty boy you are! :)

This is a lovely puzzle, webpeggy, TFS.....your kitty is very photogenic!


well, hello, Kit Kat. My, what a nice fluffy tail you have.

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