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Humingbird on the Wing J

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Hummingbirds are truly amazing creatures - fast, tiny and apparently endowed with excellent taste. Considered birds of purity, they only feed on flower nectar - and it seems like they love cannabis buds!

In South America and parts of North America, hummingbirds are a common sight. They are particularly attracted to colourful flowers, as they feed incessantly on plant nectar. It‘s the animal with the highest metabolism other than insects, and it‘s also the only bird that can fly reverse.
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It sounds like the birds were even more welcome than the flowers- To count 150 buds is quite an impressive endeavor- l know l would never have the patience-


They fascinate me - those tiny wings are just going so fast. When I moved to Mesa, AZ I planted a grocery store aloe vera and planted below a bedroom window and little way from the patio. Never took care of it or tended it. Within about 7 or 8 years that little aloe plant had grown to about 5 or 6' in diameter and I counted 150buds that should bloom. SHOULD The hummingbirds loved that plant and when it bloomed they came in droves until all the blooms were emptied and in the10years I was there I never got a single bloom. after all the nectar was gone they shriveled up. at least i got to enjoy the hummingbirds and all the varied colors. dang aloe was also really close to the patio! lol


Just love these little guys. Great photo. :-)) dj


Good story ,Betty- That answers the question- yes, it seems birds do get high!

Thanks, Donna-


Amazing photographer & photo!


John tells me his dad told his in the 30's or 40's, the neighbor had it growing in backyard wild (not knowing what it was) and had birds singing cause eating it.


Denise- glad you like it-

Betty- Yes, there is the question of whether the birds get high- l believe yet to be determined-


With that plant... "Flying High"!

Beautiful shot!


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