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Happy Kaleido Easter 😊

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  1. dotshell10:49
  2. webpeggy11:53
  3. KCOFF12:57
  4. alazuza13:10
  5. sprywidow91514:03
  6. DBrink14:47
  7. jbugs14:49
  8. chatula15:25
  9. PRD122215:44
  10. omanet16:38


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Great work Dotty, 900 solves. That's awesome. I think a lot of things come into play regarding how many solves puzzles receive. Size, colour, subject etc. Timing seems to be one of them. If someone isn't following my puzzles when I post them (usually morning) a lot of the world is getting ready for bed so by the time they wake up my puzzles would be well down the list of "most recent". I don't worry about it, I enjoy creating kaleidos with puzzle ideas in mind - though it is interesting (to my curious mind) to see how popular some puzzles are. My 10 year old granddaughter was doing Jigidi a while back and she posted this puzzle that has astounded me for how many solves it has received. It's a photo she took looking out onto a cloudy Lake Tekapo which has 247 solves! I love it, made her feel quite special to know that many people chose to complete one of her puzzles. Check it out - she is Gymnast132
I have put together a dark puzzle, not sure when I'll post it as I know they are easily overlooked but once again I enjoyed creating it. If only they turned out as bright and detailed as they do before I upload them to Jigidi.


Trish, we talked a while back about the fact that some puzzles get a lot of solves and others, that we might like, are a lot less. I was looking at one of mine from last week (Pink background with a chick and an egg) If I add up the solves on the 4 together, it comes to almost 900 solves! I was shocked--and pleased. I'm having a lot of fun posting images people enjoy. Happy Easter!


Thanks Dotty and Peggy (those two names sound like names for a set of twins!) This was a fun puzzle to make from creating the kaleido eggs, then -Illinois colours from them to make backgrounds then finally pulling it all together with the bunny pic and adding framed borders. But I loved how it turned out. Quiet Easter for me, apart from family. We are having a pot luck Easter dinner on Sunday night, that will be fun.


Just completely delightful, Trish! Love, love the Easter egg kaleidos! I hope you have some of those on your Easter dinner table! Dotty


I love this one, Trish! So cute and the eggs are beautiful. Happy Easter!

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