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Taken in Key West, Florida, February, 2014.
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  1. RandiS10:08
  2. laurajane0:10
  3. Dilubreuer0:11
  4. Robbos0:12
  5. perleblanche0:12
  6. BarbaraL0:12
  7. Ianto0:13
  8. stephen0:13
  9. ullauhrskov0:14
  10. anil520:14


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I have found it now. It is a beautiful picture, thank you a lot. Have a nice day.


I finally had time to visit your web site, cappy, and try to solve some of your photo puzzles. They are ALL lovely. TFS


Nice shot Sandi! I got a pic of that back in the early 70's.


I love lighthouses
my son lived in Florida 2 or 3 yrs.
we visited him 2 times
my husband has kin in Cortez


SandiT, So glad you like & enjoy my home state of Florida, and also the seafood! :-)))
I was born & raised in Jacksonville, lived there for forty years, then moved to Tampa Bay area, where I've been ever since. Both areas have their own special attractions. :-)


Key West is a fun place. We were on a cruise ship and Key West was one of the ports. I love the Florida panhandle (Pensacola beach, Navarre Beach, etc.). Hubby and I vacationed there every year for 17 years and never tired of the beautiful white sand and teal water. Love the seafood also. Florida is a great state!


Thanks for this lighthouse puzzle. :-)
I was born & raised in Florida, lived here all but 2 years of my life - but I've never been down to the Keys!!


Very pretty.


i Love lighthouses - tfs xx


Lovely Sandi. Never got that far south in Florida. Thanks.


Lovely shot, Sandi, and perfect for this week's theme. :-)

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