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Name the jigidiers part 11

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cinderfire (Ginger) dalelawler (Dale) 0829 (Naoma)
Biscotto (Patricia) okieclem Marian_Black (Marian)
JewelRose eskaypark47 rm_canada
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  7. morris1860:08
  8. snooker0:08
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  10. andie9830:09


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Thanks for sharing!


Anytime :o)


lol brie.....I think there a lot of one time or another....I think I am going to try to make your photo of "the whole gang"......looks like an interesting challenge....I am such a big fan of "remembery" pictures........these are "right up my allley".so to speak........thanks


Thank you Robin - I see now your little maple leaf flag! I shared my house with a Canuck for 35 years - she lives next door now! I didn't know the meaning of 'mackabroin' - well, here's another me!


oh dear brie.......isn't that sad....and the one you made is also priceless..all together...great job....I am sure everyone has it saved yet......robin


It was Snooker's 'swan song' - sadly. I put together all the pictures to say 'thank you'. Here it is:


I have no idea when this was done...I came just before the "stars" ended...but it is priceless...and I don't know hardly any of the people..butI think you have done a priceless about fun... you all have a wonderful rapport.....makes me smile just to read your comments.....what fun this must have been to do....a real keeper......robin


Has NO one heard from her? Greatly missed


Sniff...sniff...missing our Snooker.


Yes, I agree...Snooker, you are missed very much!


Yep me too


I agree with Bookish. Miss you.


Thinking of you. ☺ You're missed.


nope, cute kids though.

Glad you found it, JewelRose. There will be one final one posted in a few days - #12.


I see me!!! bottom left. What a fun puzzle. Thanks Snooker. :)


You are very welcome - it would be a pity not to complete the dozen :o)

Thanks, Carol. :)

Didn't have any of them, Brie. Two say they are the poster but two will need a little follow up. Many thanks for finding them. ♥


This is clever!


Any use Snooker?

You'll be in the next one, Carol. Think I have 5 photos now out of the 9 needed.


This is awesome.....appreciate all your work Snooker!


I know what you mean snooker. It took me this long just to find a couple of my own old photos! Again, thank you for such a phenomenal job :)

Thank you, tampagirl. The next one will probably be the last and you'll be in it. Just getting too hard to round up the photos now.


Thanks for keeping track of all the pictures snooker. Appreciate all your work on our "memory mosaics"


Indeed it does

Boggles the mind doesn't it.


Thank you - I shall deliver them to him with a bread pudding and a can of Guinness tomorrow! His was done on the National Health - he had the injuries to his legs before he had private insurance so they wouldn't cover this operation. I had a month in hospital when I broke my leg as I had private medical insurance.
Everyone here contributes to National Insurance which pays for the National Health Service but you can have private medical insurance as well. Once you reach pensionable age (I'm lucky because I was born before 1950 so reached retirement age at 60 - and I was born 11 days after the start of the NHS) you no longer make contributions so I get my prescriptions free if I need them.
If I had had NHS care for my broken leg I would have had a plate with 4 screws, privately I have 10 plus one through the ankle!

I think they sometimes send people home to early to please the insurance companies who don't want to pay.
Sending good wishes to your BIL.


hat is amazing!
My brother in law had a new knee (with various complications with ligaments and mis-aligned bones) last Thursday and he was home the next day! Modern medicine is amazing

Thanks, Brie. He is doing great and back to walking a couple miles a day. Operation was 4 weeks ago today. Maybe he'll get to drive next week. :)


I'm not going to 'bump' anyone but what another delightful display - thanks Pat.
Glad to see Charlie is giving you some free time :o) How is he doing?

Thanks, louisee. :)


Snooker another great puzzle of the jigidiers.

I like the idea of it being a Hall of Fame, Florrie. They all deserve to be in it and they have been so co operative in providing photos. Think there are probably others out there who would like to participate but don't know how to do it. If you spot any more new baby photos let me know, please.

Thanks so much, abel.


Another fabulous collage! Thanks, Snooker.

Thanks, Maria. Have a few more photos but still need more for another collage.


Just noticed the 10 stars! Congrats.! :)


You've done it again Snooker! Thanks, this is fabulous!

And more in the wings waiting for a total of nine, Floyd. :)


WOW. That's a lot of young jigidiers!!

Thanks, Shirley, morris and Lorna.
There seems to be an endless supply of the littlies.


Another fabulous set of mini jigidiers snooker!


Well done, snook!


You have been a busy lady Snooker, gathering all these little people, Many Thanks for a job well done.

Thanks, smllpkg and Rob.
Marian - glad you found it. Did you see the other 10 also?
Luni - good work. :)
Patricia, had not thought of it that way but you are correct. It is amazing.
Thanks, Dale and ladywil. I appreciate it.


Great work...snooker.


Thanks, Snooker. You are wonderful.


Thank you so much, snooker! This is wonderful! It's so kind of you to take the time to do this, but such fun. Bookmarked for posterity. ☺
Thank you, ikook! The cat was quite an armful, snooker!
Just think: at that age we would never have believed that a photograph of us would be seen around the world on a screen in our home within a second of being posted.
AND: you have a 10 star! Congratulations!
Love to all: Patricia (Biscotto/Almond/Biscottino) ♥ ♥ ♥


First row at the middle is Dale (Dalelawler)...


Hi Snooker...found myself in this collage...a very novel idea of "young jigidiers)...


Sorry I can't help you with any more names snooker - but thanks for another beaut collage:)))


99 and counting. that's awesome!

More than I ever expected, warb. :)

Love your bikini, okie. You are so cute.

Yes, Marry, the cat is quite happy to be carried it seems. Biscotto has an armful. :)

Thanks, Suzy. Sometimes I find a message on a puzzle asking if I want another photo.

Thanks for all the comments everyone. Time for bed. Will see if you have figured out any of the others in the morning. :)


Snooker continues her quest for finding little jigidiers!
Well done, and thanks to all for their childhood photos. This is such fun!


You did it again, Pat! Look at all those cuties again ☺ I'm afraid I'm no help for the remaining questionmarks.
Patricia and her cat are priceless!


Aw -- quite a rogues' gallery you have here, snooker! I'm having fun reading who's who in these collages. *Great* fun -- thanks so much for compiling them. :-)


Thats 99 little ones now and how amazing is that!

Right you are, Sally. :)


Middle left.... Biscotto....

Will give you bottom right as I doubt anyone will know this one. Keep guessing everyone - you are doing well. :)


Yes, top left is Ginger (Cinderfire) ☺


Top right is Naoma. and I thank you.

Correct you are, aggie.

In fact you've both met her.

The lady top left does your puzzles. :)


Oh Snooker! I don't know any. Shame on me!


You've done it again, Snooker! Great work! They're adorable, but I'm afraid I'm no help in figuring out who is who.

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