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Weideschorpioenvlieg (Panorpa vulgaris)

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Not everyone likes or is interested in insects, but I just want to share this photo with you all.
Before my son sent me this photo, I had never seen anything like it! It's a Weideschorpioenvlieg which literally translates in English to "Field Scorpio Fly".
He took this photo last May in a field where he finds the most intruiging insects I'd never even heard of.☺☺
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  1. liertje19781:58
  2. babray2:18
  3. joot2:36
  4. hadzi2:45
  5. Carol662:46
  6. Impie2:46
  7. canoekaw2:47
  8. Blanktank322:50
  9. Ginni22:55


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Oh, he almost looks like a piece of jewelry - a pin perhaps. Quite exquisite!


Ah, so he just looks like a scorpion, without the sting. I learn something new on Jigidi University all the time! :-)


Thanks, Ginni. This isn't a nasty stinger, he's a 'robber fly'.. The tail with a curl only proves he's male and uses it to mate and not for a weapon! (although female flies may think different☺☺)


I think it's a very cool insect! Is that a nasty stinger curled up there? Does he sting like a scorpion?


Hi Nan, it's fine.....Patrick isn't on Jigidi, so I sometimes post a photo he mails to me and his brother...☺☺

I hear you, nillie, neither do I. Patrick was excited to find it in this field and sent it to us! :-)) I'll pass on your compliment to him, thank you !!

I guess so, Ella, I haven't looked into further info about it, because actually it gives me the creeps too! :)

LOL Betty....he sure is that....I think he got his head from Gonzo of the Muppet Show.... :-))) I'll pass on your compliment to him, thanks! :)

That is one weird looking dude... like he is put together with Nature's spare parts! Great catch Patrick!


and i failed to read the copyright!


I'm guessing his scorpion like tail is just a scare tactic. At least let's hope so!


Impressive picture, although the object is not exactly what I would like to see on my desk:-)))
Well done to patrick!!!


Ahh, yes. We don't hear from/about Patrick as often.


I'm not too fond of them either, Nan. This photo was taken by Patrick (my oldest son)...they both take good photos! Thank you! :)


not going to look too long or I'll have nightmares! Leroy takes incredible photos but like you, i'd rather see the insects 'once removed' like this!


I will pass on the message, Faye, thank you! :-))


Hi Carol, I guess he is, but I'm glad Patrick captured him and not me! LOL


Excellent shot! :)))


Hi Impie. I expect in "bug circles" he is considered quite the handsome dude!! ;)

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