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1992 Dodge Stealth After... 6ft 4in Son Walked away with a sprained ankle

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God was watching over my son last night.
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Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your own story. A mothers' worse nightmare nearly came true... it's been two weeks and I'm still thankful every day for God who was watching over him that night.


Absolutely! (especially at 6'4" - surprised,because leg room etc.) Last year, my son was in the back seat of his friend's car when they were hit. His seatbelt gave way+he was thrown through the middle of car-smashing the windscreen with his head. He had a broken ankle, (healed quick+well) + had to have his thumb pinned (has slightly limited range etc).
Dubbed him 'Wolverine,' but joking aside, I had a few nightmares, still makes me shudder.
It's an awful thing to go through. My thoughts go to you both. : )


He certainly was!! So glad he wasn't more seriously hurt--or worse!

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