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Swell Sculpture competition results 1...

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When I concluded showing the sculptures, I requested our Jigidi folk to each select their top three sculptures. Some people picked their three, and others decided just to nominate their favourite. If you have picked a sculpture as your No.1, I have given it three points. No.2 has received two points, and No.3 has received one point. Here are the top three Jigidi participants selections, in order:
* First Prize has gone to Sculpture 31, Emerging Dragon, with a huge 25 points. This came as no surprise, as several of you predicted this stunning sculpture was unbeatable.
* Second Prize has gone to Sculpture 42, Magnificent, with 14 points. This was the lion that everyone loved.
* Third Prize has gone to Sculpture 29, The Rowers, with 7 points.

It has been suggested that our Jigidi selections be compared with the public's selections and the official judge's picks, so I will do that now:
* Grand Winner of the Festival (as judged by Professor Nikos Papastergiadis, director of the research unit in public cultures at the University of Melbourne) - Sculpture 1, Lost and Found. Needless to say, this sculpture did not garner one single vote from any Jigidi person.
* Winner of both the Environmental Awareness Award and the Smalls Gallery Award - Sculpture 28, Queensland. One Jigidi person selected this as their third favourite, so it earned 1 point.
* Winner of both the People's Choice Award and the Kid's Choice Award - Sculpture 31, Emerging Dragon. This won our Jigidi poll too, by a very clear margin.
* Winner of the Artist Peer Award - Sculpture 42, Magnificent. This was a comfortable second in our Jigidi poll.

Photo taken at Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia.

For the results of the remaining survey, please see my second puzzle.
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Jacki, I hope I haven't got too far in front of you. There is always that one day difference as well, between your time and ours. I posted a Birthday card for my friend Sissel, on the 2nd, then three puzzles on the 3rd, and started a new mini-series today (4th) of just two puzzles.
I'll pass on a hi to Marge, and a "Jackie-kiss" for your little friend. He will feature in one of tomorrow's puzzles. ♥♥♥


lovely scene, nev. but didn't you say you would be gone until today? couldn't stay away, huh? i'll try to catch up. please say thanks to lynn, hi to marge and pet that furry little head ☺♥


Can't wait!!! That should be really fun!!!


Pat, I find it hard to believe too, but last year's Swell Festival produced a similar result. A sculpture that nobody gave a toss about was selected by some Arts fellow as having considerable merit.
In a week or so I'll start another Sculpture Exhibition that Marge and I found by sheer accident. All we have are the names of the sculptures, and a photo. No explanation, no sculptor's names, and no prices. Which means we can judge them purely on their aesthetics. I hope that will be interesting.
The most beautiful beach in Australia? I'd hate to be the judge of that competition. Marge and I have seen hundreds and hundreds of qualifiers. We are spoiled by them here. ♥♥♥


I find it hard to believe that "Lost and Found" was the Grand Winner of the Festival. Perhaps it looks different depending on the angle or where you view it from? The other three I can easily agree with, though I do realize none of my decisions are informed choices -- I just know what I like. Well, this has been a lot of fun -- we'll have to do it again. Or maybe they should have a contest to pick the most beautiful beach in Australia? That would be a tough decision. :-D


Gerda, Currumbin is just one of many very pretty beaches along this Gold Coast strip. ♥♥♥


Maureen, when your back is fully recovered, you and I'll do some surfing here. It is a great spot, all year round, and even in Winter the water is warm. ♥♥♥


Irene, an awful lot of work went into Emerging Dragon, and it really showed. Very popular here on Jigidi, winner of two awards at the Exhibition, but still couldn't catch the Judge's eye. Makes you wonder what you have to do to get an artistic Professor's approval. ♥♥♥


Jana, the lion actually did better than you thought. It came in at second place. And it certainly was a terrific sculpture.
It is quite cool here today at 20.5C (69F), with showers. It sounds like your Winter has finally arrived. ♥♥♥


nice picture Nev !


Beautiful Beach wish I could be there,not overcrowded
Thanks Neville and Marge.. :-))


I am so pleased Emerging Dragon was Winner of both the People's Choice Award and the Kid's Choice Award as it's such a beautiful sculpture. Thank you for the results Nev & Lynn ♥♥


Nev your job well done, thank you very much. I am glad that the lion is in third place. Please also thanks to Lynn and her family for the great photos.
Here is falling snow, icy wind blows and only - 4 C. Quite cold after the Christmas temperatures around 18 C. Best wishes and royal greetings from Max and all at DL Castle ♥♥♥


Why yes, I guess your right!!


Pasta, if we did that, we would wear the brunt of the criticism. Wouldn't you prefer some 'arty-farty' Professor to judge, so we can all criticise him? That's much more fun. ♥♥♥


I think we should all get together, and judge next year!!! Wouldn't that be a hoot!!!


I liked the comparision with the judges also!!


Pasta, it is a nice piccie.
And the poll wasn't too hard to predict, especially first and second. I did like The Rowers, myself, and put it at the top of my picks, but didn't think it would hang on to the third position. There were quite a few other really good ones too that could have easily taken third. ♥♥♥


Nev love the pic, and the poll, i kinda think we new how it would turn out.


Yvonne, this was one of two pictures that Lynn took on the day, which I had not used previously. This one she titled "At the start of the day", and the second one I've used for Competition No.2, and Lynn titled that one "At the end of the day". Yes, it does appear you can walk out quite a long way, and if you look at the photo where the tide is right out, you can see the vast expanse of sand which comprises this beach. ♥♥♥


Janet, it wasn't difficult to collate all the votes, as I started up a sheet as soon as I announced the competition. Then it was just a matter of keeping it updated as the votes came in.
It was Pat's (kansasgranny) suggestion to compare Jigidi voting with official/prize-winning voting, and I thought this was quite a brilliant idea. ♥♥♥

What a gorgeous beach. By the looks you can walk out quite a ways.


Nev, thanks so much for going to the trouble to collate all our votes, that made very interesting reading, especially compared to the prizes actually given. A beautiful photo thanks Lynn and thanks for all your fabulous photos.
Hugs to you all my friends, ♥♥♥

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