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Yours truly

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My Dad n nephew in law and me fixing fence n gate. Nobody told me how deep the mud was gonna be, wow n ha. Its getting drainage put in soon. Have fun, Dave
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  1. mdrsk1:16
  2. inny1:19
  3. Annie172411:43
  4. NewSong2:18
  5. mble1119112:24
  6. redina12:55
  7. MacTea2:57
  8. dustydog3:07
  9. Trish23:14
  10. aspen344:14


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I got in sand once like that. Your foot would be swallowed up and you had to keep moving or you'd be stuck. It was in water.


I been in a mud bog like that when I was fishing was very scary and I did keep losing my boots ;0)
was real happy to get hope and clean up


Glad it worked out and you kept your boots on. The saying is keep your shirt on, but maybe we should add boots to that.


Ick. Was it cold. Glad it's fixed. :)


We got it done and yes all three of us came very close to having boots pulled off. It was unbelievable sticky. It was me for sure, red.


Playing in the mud again, eh?

Slip sliding away.

What a mess. That's where an outdoor shower would come in handy. lol I hope the drainage project helps.

Great perspective of the end of your pants disappearing into the mud! Been there, done that. :-) Love that your dad is still using buckle galoshes! I hope the project went well other than the mud.


Nice of you, to "step in"! Hope you didn't lose your shoes while getting out of this!


So, you are the guy with no boots, huh?

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