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Gnaughty Gnomes *

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.. who refuse to mow the lawn.. ;-)
* Title thanks to Kirsten (RandomWorship)
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  2. MomCat20005:41
  3. michelle525:44
  4. katr225:54
  5. hanic5:57
  6. rockbit6:09
  7. ikook6:10
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Nou, het is me wat. Ik heb dubbel genoten hier. Van jou ontzettend leuke puzzel (je bent weer lekker op dreef) en dan die conversatie met MomCat over katten. Oh Maddie ik ben ook zo dol op katten. Marcel ook hoor. We kijken nog al eens katten filmpjes op youtube, lachen is dat, die kleine donderstenen.

Dank voor deze puzzel en deze conversatie. Ik zou het niet kunnen zo in het Engels. Chapo;-)))))♥♥♥


Thanks maddie


What you wrote about the turtles made perfect sense.

My cats run my house. I don't have to punish them for anything. Every once and a while, a cat might get to scribbling on the corner of the couch with its nails, but it'll stop if I say, "Hey!" with a little bit of authority. My house is really about comfort. It doesn't have to look perfect. We live here after all. I don't let my cats outside though. There are too many snakes, coyotes, and javeline.
I used to have a neighborhood cat that would walk me to the corner when I'd go to the corner store. I would walk across the street and do shopping. She'd be waiting for me when I came back out. I loved that cat. Keeter.

I think, as long as you love your cat , keep it heathy, and have a good relationship with it, it is soooo worth it. I don't know how you could actually "raise" a cat wrong. It's not going to grow up and rob banks.


Most people know cavia's as guinnea pigs. I think they're cute, but either you have to put them in a cage, or you got to have a big garden where they can live freely. I don't have such a garden, and I don't like cages.
The red-eared turtles are turtles who live in water, and they have a red stripe on their cheeks. I don't understand why the English word has 'ear' in it, because those animals only have small holes as ears.. The Dutch word would be red-cheek turtles in English. I hope you understand what I wrote, it doesn't sound logical to me ;-)))))

Yes, a cat or two.. Oh would be so lovely.. I don't know if I would be a great momcat, I like to think so, but my sister in law says I'm not, because I let my cats just do what they want. I don't try to 'raise' them, don't punish them. Kymo, the cat we had till last year, was a very talkative cat, I loved that SO much. When he went out, I always told him to come back home. And he answered! He practically always said something back to me. And he also meowed a lot when he came home. Telling me his adventures, I think :-))

I'm glad you saw the film. Amazing story..

Thanks MomCat :-)


I saw that movie! It was well worth watching.
Here, in America, there are an abundance of dogs and cats at the pound hoping to get adopted. I don't have a lot of stray cats around any more. Just one who has adopted the lady across the street.
I'm going to look up cavia and red eared turtles to see what they look like.

I definitely think you need to get another cat or two. I just love mine. You seem like you'd be a great "momcat" as well. : )


Thanks for sharing your "cat story' here, MomCat!
You saved cats! What a great thing to do.. (I wish I had done that, but actually, I rarely see stray cats..). I love cats very much.. Everything about them.. To me, they're really the greatest animals on earth.. Unfortunately, we don't have any cats now. A few years ago, we got two kittens, Kymo and Phloxie, but Phloxie disappeared after about two years, and Kymo, her brother, died last December. He had a heart problem. We only have our dog now. But I long for a cat.. More and more. (we used to have cavia's and 2 red-eared turtles, but they are not cats:-))]
Four cats must be wonderful. I bet you're the greatest Mom for them :-))
And I'm also a mom of two people :-)))))

Do you like watching films? About a week ago, I saw the great film "A Street Cat Named Bob" . If you like films and if you get a chance, see it! It is really a wonderful movie.. With a fantastic, very special cat..
Thanks again, MomCat :-))


Well, while I was going to college, I was living in a pretty poor section of town. There were lots of stray cats around. I would try to capture them, feed them, tame them, get them "fixed" and find them homes. Some of them were so feral that I couldn't catch them, so I wound up taking their many litters of kittens and finding them homes. Some very misguided people saw this and took the opportunity to dump their unwanted litters of kittens on my door, thinking I must just love kittens.
Anyhow. I have had a great many cats/kittens in my day. I am down to 4 cats, one dog, and a tortoise. I am also a mom of two...….people.


Yep.. I'm afraid so..

Your comments often make me laugh MomCat
May I ask, what is it with you and cats? (I LOVE cats..)


You are funny, madpol. It is likely they will be trapped here for a good long time. ;)


I don't want to keep them either, MomCat. That's why I threw them om the internet:-)
Thank you :-))


Those gnaughty gnomes sure are cute.....but I wouldn't want to keep 'em. Fun puzzle. Thanks!


Hi Joyce, thank you so much, I'm very glad you liked this one :-))) Hope you are well too.

So geniusly cute. Loved it. Thanks. Wishing you well.

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