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First day of spring

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Yay! 1September - the first day of Spring 2020
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  1. JillianB1:27
  2. mendokusasoya1:32
  3. ulangariver1:35
  4. sammiegirl1:40
  5. jacques751:41
  6. Mojca1:48
  7. Impie1:55
  8. Magaella1:55
  9. jan42ful2:00
  10. WeeV2:01


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Hi Janet, Yes these first days of Spring are always a delight. Big Spring hugs to you my friend ♥♥♥♥


Loved it thanks Pammi, so cute and yes it's spring here too. Hugs my friend. ♥♥♥
Nev that's the verse I know too! ♥


Many thanks for your comments Nev, Val, laskadog1, Jillian, Impie, Nancy, Mrs Q.E., Kayell. Yes, these are the lovely days I look forward to every year.

Thanks to Nev and and every one for the debate over the poem - very interesting indeed.

Hugs to all of you...Pam x x


Yes, Kayell, it's a burden we Southern Hemisphere folk know how to take in our stride. Maybe that's the reason why a lot of we Aussies seem to be a trifle soft in the head on occasion. Ha! Ha! ♥♥♥


Spring? You do realise you're upside down, don't you, Pammi...?


Pammi - glad to see Spring has arrived - in Michigan we have a touch of fall in the area although today it is a beautiful 80° - Mrs. Quinn.


Happy Spring, Pammi! Hope its a perfect one!! ♥♥ :-))
Not sure I ever heard Nev's version, but I do recall "Spring has sprung and so have the young" idea of the source.


Hi Pammi, I'm happy for you and your fellow Australians it's Spring, however, for many others in the world (sadly for me too) 1 September is the meteorological start of Fall! :(( In school I learned September 21st was the date, so I'll keep clinging on to the fact that we're still in Summer. LOL
I hope you'll enjoy springtime and think of us while we'll soon watch the leaves fall down from the trees.... and days getting shorter and shorter!♥☺♥☺♥


laskadog1, I'll be checking out this information too. It seems like this riddle is not "done and dusted" yet. Thank you. Nev.


Aha!! Jill, you're quite brilliant. When I told Marge just a second ago that Spike Milligan from The Goon Show was the author of that poem, she agreed: "Yep, sounds like something he would have devised".
Thanks for solving the riddle for us after all these years.
[I see some "very restful" sleep for us tonight!] :-))) ♥♥♥


I found out that the poem was written by Des Hannigan but was quoted by Groucho Marx


laskadog1, we're getting closer every minute to the author of that poem. Thanks for your help. Nev.


Cute puzzle by the way, thanks Pammi


I am with you Pammi very excited to welcome spring. Thanks for tag. By the way that poem is attributed to Spike Milligan (from the Goons). I too have known for quite sometime. @ulangariver


I remember my British mother reciting that every spring in my childhood sometime in the early 60s.


Pammi, I'm being honest when I state this is not my verse. You might be interested in the story behind it:-
When Marge worked at Mr.Fothergill's Seeds, she was very good friends with the CEO's wife, Frieda, and every Spring Frieda would come out with the first two lines of that ditty. Marge thought it was Frieda who had created the first two lines of the verse, but we somehow thought that probably wasn't the case.
It was in mid-March this year that a lady here on Jigidi with the pseudonym of mommamid posted a puzzle entitled "I wonder where the birdie is?" This immediately attracted my attention because, not only did she supply Frieda's two lines of verse, she supplied two further lines after that, the ones I have also printed here in the ditty.
So, not only did we have proof that the first two lines were not of Frieda's making, we had proof that the ditty actually existed of four lines. Unfortunately, mommamid never did say who actually wrote the poem, so we still do not know. In a comment beneath the puzzle, mommamid wrote: "One of the first 'poems' I learnt as a child."


Nev, that is so funny. Your artistic abilities stretch far and wide, do they not?


Yes Val it's still a bit cool here also but this can only improve (we hope) ♥♥


Pammi YaY. we woke to snow on the hill and 5C, yesterday was 22C lol Still love spring thanks for the post♥♥♥


Spring is sprung, the grass is riz
I wonder where the birdies is..
The bird is on the wing - but that's absurd -
The wing is clearly on the bird!


Today Spring is with us once again. Let us all enjoy every day of it.



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