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Heart Catheterization

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PaintShop - Composite Image
We are ready for you Volltar. I escape his clutches :)
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  1. Dclo0:14
  2. Ninja20230:18
  3. BrianCottrill0:18
  4. Ianto0:19
  5. JennyG660:22
  6. hiccups0:23
  7. Jackie480:23
  8. Watchman0:23
  9. Deanna0:23
  10. Ceefercat0:25


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I like horror to be horror, not comedy.

I always preferred Addams Family over silly Munsters...


Thanks. You have embraced your dark side :) I'm fine and will be around for a while.

Okay I must be bent because I really like this. The hearse, the mechanical stuff you only see around back of hospitals except maybe a VA facility, the Reaper out there waiting...
Glad all was routine and you will be around a while (hopefully a long while)


Thanks Watchman


Well, that is always a good sign, a hearse at the hospital.
Glad you are OK, and that the Grim Reaper was just inserted. ;-)


I'm fine. I had some heart palpitations. I was put through tests, including a heart catheterization. No significant problems were seen. I inserted the Grim Reaper. This is a composite image. I forgot to put that in the description. I think that the black vehicle to the left is a hearse.

I had this 4 years ago. No more A-fib.


Watchman I'm thinking Volltar added the statue... at least I hope he did... Are you doing OK James?


I hope you are OK that this was only a test and nothing more than a test.
What a strange statue to have in front to greet everyone.

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