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Jays in the UK

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These Jays frequent my garden
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  1. silke1:08
  2. jasonchung1:12
  3. Dilubreuer1:14
  4. cookin1:26
  5. Jegics1:31
  6. ian19481:36
  7. sketcham1:37
  8. theodulia1:37
  9. Ecska20121:42
  10. Guetl671:52


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Yes I am lucky Jason lots of different species and fun to watch.


How wonderful it must be to see birds visiting your garden, Clive.


No idea. I suddenly lost the taste for meat, then fish, then eggs & cheese... Well: it didn't do me any good.


What made you become a Vegan?


What they eat:
Mainly acorns, nuts, seeds and insects, but also eats nestlings of other birds and small mammals.
(from RSPB website)
Carnivorous!!! (well, so am I, I'm afraid - virtually vegan for 13 years and it made me really ill!)


Hi Patricia, yes you are correct on both counts I also have a pair of crows that come as well so any thing that is put out on the bird trays disappears quite quickly.


Aren't they gorgeous? But carnivorous!


Hi AAAshepherd, I understand that your Jays are different in colour where you live and this started at...
You would have paid just under two DM ( Deutsch Marks) at the time. They use Euros now days. So I have not got a clue for the equivalent in to days money sorry.

I bought a stuffed one at a German flea market in 1990 for a dollar(can't remember the German equivalent). I never saw a live one but I treasure the one I have. Many people have seen it and been moved to look further into the bird. We don't have this one in the U.S. THANK YOU

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