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36 by Bookish

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I shall be away most of the day
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  1. marcelteun0:36
  2. caanan0:51
  3. swimbee1:03
  4. Monkito1:04
  5. RandomWorship1:04
  6. lindas1:05
  7. Kifus11:06
  8. Suyo1:09
  9. jlovermyer1:12
  10. auntmom71:14


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Thanks, Kirsten. :)


Lovely design. Thanks Francine. (❛ᴗ❛)


Thanks, Barb. I'm glad it pleased you. :)


This is very pretty and I love the colors too. Thank you Francine, great job :)


Thanks, dudicat & Janet. :)


Fabulous thanks Fran, have a good day, hugs.



Suzy, I treated myself too. Bought a purse and an iced cappuccino. Even got a bit of a sunburn on left arm while driving home.


Thanks, Teresa. The Windows 10 screen is so different. All we've accomplished so far is transferring the security and our main e-mail address. This computer is practically bare compared to our old HP ~ no Excel, no Word, no games. I had a great Free Cell record going on the old computer: over 2400 games with a 100% win. ... Privacy is going to be an issue for us, as there seems to be a lot of snooping done by Microsoft. That's what is mentioned in the book.


Ardy, I love having my teeth cleaned and go every four months. Strawberry flavour today. :)
~It's great to have someone like Troy in your life.


Dental work AND Win 10???
Girl, you need more than a day to recuperate from that!!!


I love this puzzle, Francine! The colors and design are so interesting.

I'm in the same computer situation as you are. Kind of reluctant to give up Windows 7, but have the new Win 10 ready to install in a new hard drive, sometime soon. (✬‿✬) - Teresa


Dental anything is no pleasure in my book. ☺ When I made the change Troy set the new computer up as much like I was used to as possible. I really didn't notice much difference. I've read lots of complaints about Windows 10 but I don't know enough about computers to understand what they are talking about. It hasn't bothered me. LOL


Thanks, Ardy & Patti. Glad you both liked it.
~Ardy, had an appointment with dental hygienist. Bought a Windows 10 for Dummies book. We need to unplug this computer and install the new one. We're presently using Windows 7 and hope the transition will be easy.


So beautiful, Francine! Thanks!


Lovely swirl that makes dividing stripes for the four corners with they lacy designs. Lovely colors. too. Thanks, Francine. Hope your time away is for pleasure.

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