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John's Virtual Birthday Party - Finale. All Are Welcome (Apr20P12)

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"Dance is the Joy of Movement and the Heart of Life."
- Unknown

Dear Friends and Jigidiers,

It is now Virtual Time 4.30pm, 4 April 2020.

From the fields of wild flowers, we fly off on our Magic Carpets back to our hotel where we can take a short nap. Some energetic and adventurous friends may venture on their own to explore the environs of Nice.

At 5.30pm, the Virtual Butler draws a warm aromatherapy bath for you to relax in with a glass of beverage.

When you return to your bedroom, the ladies will find that a lovely cocktail dress has been neatly placed on their beds. A pair of matching dancing shoes are at the side of the bed. For the gentlemen, they are presented with apparel and comfortable dancing shoes for the dinner and dance this evening.

It is now Virtual Time 6.30pm, 4 April 2020.

Your Virtual Dancing Partners knock on your door and escort you to a Private Dining Room located next to the Crystal Ballroom.

The ladies are presented with a corsage bracelet.

We arrive at the Dining Room and see that it has been beautifully decorated with flowers. The dining ware and glassware are exquisite.

The ambience is lovely with Soft Classical Music playing in the background.

We are seated at our dining tables and have a little chat with our friends who are sharing the same dining table with us.

It is now Virtual Time 6.45pm, I go up to the stage and make a short speech.

"Dear Friends,

Welcome to this dinner party to celebrate John's birthday. Thank you for gracing us with your presence.

Thank you everyone for letting John and me know that you have enjoyed all the activities and trips, the food and beverages as well as the gifts and your free and easy time, too. It is always a joy to hear that :-)

I planned this virtual party not just to celebrate John's birthday, but also, as a Thank You Party for all friends and Jigidiers who have prayed and given us moral support, positive vibes and healing thoughts during the time when John was in the hospital and at the rehabilitation centre.

John is now as good as new. He is about 95% his normal self :-)

Let us toast to the birthday boy.

Dear John, you are one of the angels that God has sent to earth to take good care of me for which I am very thankful :-) I am happy to take care of you, too.

May you live a long, healthy and happy life :-)

Come all my friends, let us raise our glass of champagne and toast to John.

À votre santé, mon ami."

John, who all the while has been standing besides me, says :

"Dear friends, thank you for celebrating my birthday at this Virtual Party that Jason has organised. The whole virtual birthday party consisted of 5 puzzles for me and one puzzle for all April babies.

I would like to thank all of you for your birthday greeting, wishes and cards.

As most of you already know, I had an acute stroke on 12 January 2020 which had affected my right arm and leg. During the time that I was at the hospital and later at the medical rehabiliation centre, Jason came, assisted, looked after and took care of me everyday from morning till night. He told me everyday that our friends at Jigidi are praying for us and are sending positive thoughts and vibes. Jason showed me all your comments in the puzzles that he has posted for updates on my medical progress.

I strongly feel that God has answered all your prayers. To God be the Glory.

Thank you, friends for your prayers and moral support and cheers along the way.

I know that Jason has updated all of you daily in his previous puzzles (January, February and March 2020 puzzles), and the last thing that he mentioned was that I have passed the Senior Therapist Driving Assessment Test. After that, he was busy with all the virtual birthday puzzles - drawing, creating, posting them and then having to reply to all the comments.

Well, let me give you the latest update on my driving, which I know that quite a number of you have been waiting patiently for the outcome.

I passed the On The Road Driving Test - with the driving instructor seated at the front passenger seat and the senior therapist seated at the back. Immediately after I drove the car back to the carpark, the driving instructor told me that I have passed with full marks. The senior therapist also said that I have passed, just as with the driving assessment test, with 100% marks.

Next, my Neurologist certfied that I can drive on the road.

I have, since 13 April 2020, driven Jason to my place and back to his home. Jason likes my driving. He said that it was the same as before - safe and smooth rides.

I am happy to see that you all are enjoying this party.

I see that dinner is ready to be served. Come, my friends let us enjoy our dinner.

Once again, thank you my friends for everything that you have done for me.
May God bless all of you."

After we have enjoyed our dinner, it is time to make our way to the adjoining Crystal Ballroom for some dancing.

There is a Live Band - They will play music for our Social and Latin Dances.

And there is also a Quartet : The string quartet consists of four string players – two violin players, a viola player and a cellist. They will play classical music for our Ballroom Dancing.

There will be live music for Social Dance (Rock and Roll, Cha Cha, Disco Rock, Jive), Latin Dance (Latin Cha Cha, Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Mambo, Merengue, Tango, Paso Doble) and Ballroom Dance (Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quick Step).

As promised, I will be Nancy's first dance partner and John will be Nana's first dance partner.

After that, John and I will take turns to dance with all the ladies who are willing to have a dance with us.

You may all dance to your heart's content or just watch your friends dance.

At 10am, it will be time to go to bed. Have a good sleep my friends. Sweet dreams.

Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, John and I say farewell to all of you at the hotel lobby.

It is now Virtual Time 8am, 5 April 2020.

All our dear friends have already finished breakfast and are now are gathered at the virtual hotel lobby and are ready for their Magic Carpet trip home.

Gifts of Macarons from Ladurée, French Pastries, Chocolates, a bottle of French wine, a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial, a bottle of Dom Perignon 2008, a handmade glass bottle of French perfume, Hand Made Naturally Scented Soaps and Fleur de Sel - scented sea salts from the southern part of France have been individually gift wrapped and placed on your individual Magic Carpet which will fly you back home safely. After that, all the Magic Carpets will fly back to me for maintenance and safekeeping.

Au Revoir mes amis. Bon Voyage. Have a safe and pleasant trip home.

John and I wave farewell to all of you as your Magic Carpets take off into the air. The virtual hotel staff and guests are busy taking photos of this spectacular scene - so many colourful Magic Carpets laden with beautifully wrapped gifts and lovely folks sitting happily on them and waving goodbye.

Puzzle 764

This puzzle is posted in one size only - 9 pieces.

I hope that you have a wonderful time at this virtual party and will enjoy piecing this puzzle together.

Jason :-)

A warm welcome to all new comers to John's virtual party :-)
My 4 previous party puzzles which are related to this particular puzzle
are located at :


PS : As this is a birthday puzzle, please keep all comments positive and auspicious (as I am superstitious when it comes to birthdays - especially, please do not mention or write anything that has to do with the opposite of being healthy, alive, well or living). Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.


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Hello Bunny,

It is wonderful to see you at this virtual party :-)

Thank you for the compliment and for tbe good wishes :-)

John and I have been through thick and thin together and our friendship has been establisbed on trust, respect and love for a child of God.

May you and your loved ones be blessed with good health, love, peace and joy :-)

Stay safe and be well.

Friendship Smiles,

What a wonderful friendship you two have, may it last forever and may you have peace, joy and good health from here on. Hugs and best wishes to you both, Bunny




Hello Solid,

John and I are delighted that you are having an enjoyable time at the party.

You looked fabulous in the cocktail dress. All the virtual photographers loved videotaping and taking photos of you dancing the Rumba with John. Our friends admired your dancing talents.

May God bless you.

Smiles of Elegant Dancing.
Jason and John :-))


Thank You, thank You, thank You!! I LOVE TO DANCE! And the dress, the most gorgious I`ve ever being wearing!!!
Thanks to John, he was a brilliant dance partner :0) The rumba went well.
And all this lavishing prezzies, I think, I`m spoiled for the rest of my life :o)
Keep taking care of one another, God bless You. Solid


Thank you, Szsand for your being happy for the results of my driving and therapy tests.

Jason has told me that you have asked about them and I am glad that you know the outcome now :-) Thank you for your loving concern :-)

Yes, I am going to relax and enjoy life. Everything is almost back to normal. I just need to concentrate on working on my right arm now. It has improved a lot. I am aiming for improvements every day.

I would like Jason to relax and enjoy life, too. So, I have requested that he does not draw and create anymore individual virtual birthday party puzzles. They are just too much work for him :-0

Smiles of A Good Life,
John (using Jason's account)


Congratulations on the driving and therapy scores! Now to relax and enjoy life!


Thanks, Sparky :-)


wishing you all a wonderful relaxing quiet weekend at home ♥♥♥


Dearest Nancy,

John and I were so touched to read your lovely and heartfelt comment :-)

It makes all the time and effort in drawing the 5 virtual birthday puzzles, planning the itinerary and responding to comments for the last few weeks worthwhile - because the puzzles have uplifted the spirits of friends and have taken their minds, even if it is only for a little while, away from the real world outside.

You looked awesome in your cocktail dress and your Rumba was so graceful and lovely to watch. I just couldn't take my eyes off you when it was your turn to dance with John.

You looked like an elegant and graceful princess. The cocktail dress instantly turned into a gorgeous ballroom gown when you started to dance the Ballroom dances. You have executed perfect turns so effortlessly and your posture was just great.

After the dance, a number of ladies came up to you and asked for some dancing tips and techniques. You were very obliging and gladly shared with them your knowledge and skills.

Yes, it is time for me to relax now and to solve more puzzles :-0

John said : "Nancy, thank you for being such a wonderful dance partner. It was a pleasure to dance with you. You danced like a professional and moved with the grace of a ballerina.

Thank you for your congratulatory message regarding my driving tests. It was easy for me. Now, I will have to concentrate on working on my right arm to get it back towards what it was before.

Cheers, Nancy. To your good health and happiness."

Smiles of Happiness,
Jason and John :-))


Dearest Jason and John,
Words cannot express how magnifique! this Birthday Party/trip has been. Every last detail has been perfection and shown the love and caring you have in your hearts*!* You may never know just how much you have affected all our hearts and uplifted our spirits. To be able to be with friends, to talk, laugh and dream is balm for us now.

I think the dances I had with each of you are the highlight of my trip*!* The Ballroom looked like Fairyland with all the Crystal chandeliers and I felt like a Princess in my new Ball gown. I had not danced the Cha-Cha, Rumba or Fox-trot in years and I loved every second of it! At 17 years old, I won a Trophy in Rumba dancing to "Volare' ".

Jason, All of your puzzles are so beautiful and you always have the perfect quote for the occasion. You have worked very hard on this wonderful virtual Party and now it is time for you to slow down and relax. You still have your Music and Dance rehearsals to go to and now John can drive you!

John, Congratulations on your perfect score on your driving test and your therapist test!!! You, too, have worked very hard toward your goals and now you can rest a bit. May you have many more Happy Birthdays with your friend Jason!!

I raise my glass along with all your jigidi friends in the toast: Good health, happiness and long life*!*

Friends forever,


Dear Lorna,

You are very welcome.

John and I are so happy to hear that you have enjoyed everything that this virtual birthday party has to offer.

Thank you for the compliment. We appreciate it.

John said : "Thank you, Lorna for your congratulations on my passing of the driving test. Yes, it feels wonderful to be able to drive again. It is so much more convenient and definitely safer than using public transport in our current world situation where social distancing is required by law till better and healthier times are back with all of us again.

Yes, it is good to see Jason relaxing - without having to rush from puzzles to puzzles to reply to comments. In real life, Jason is a quiet person. He prefers to solve puzzles.

I know that Jason is pleased that all the 5 virtual birthday puzzles can provide some relief and fun from the less than desirable world conditions that we are all experiencing since the beginning of this year.

May everyone enjoy better, safer and healthier time very soon. We shall overcome."

Smiles for Healthy Times,
Jason and John :-))


You are welcome, Sparky :-)

Yes, I am going to take a break now and then start preparing for my 1 May 2020 puzzle.

Smiles of Relaxation Once Again,
Jason :-)


Oh you Two are so very charming dear Jason and John xxx Thanks for a great time and enjoy your well deserved Rest, take care and hugs to every one here ♥♥♥


Wow, what a finale! The company, sightseeing, entertainment, thoughtful gifts, food and drink have been amazing. Thank you so very much Jason and John. You have been the best hosts and Jason your generosity has been overwhelming but VERY much appreciated. Congratulations John on your fantastic success with your driving test, I'm sure you relish your regained independence, and I wish you some very happy drives! Now you can both have a well deserved rest from all the partying, but thank you again for a fabulous escape from the strange times we all find ourselves in. Keep well, keep safe and keep smiling! Lorna ☺☺☺


You are most welcome Adviana.

Thank you for your greetings to John and for joining us at the finale to John's virtual birthday party.

We are happy that you had an enjoyable time.

Smiles of Fun Time,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Jason thank you for sharing your entertainment skills with us, it is fun to join at your place. Greetings to John.


So glad to hear that, Chelsey.

Both of you are great dancers and you know how to enjoy yourselves :-)

Smiles of La Vie Est Belle,
Jason and John :-))


Thank you, Jason, we both loved after dinner party. Celsey loves to dance and so do I.


Hello Sparky,

You are most welcome.

Thank you for the compliments.

You have put the whole idea of this particular virtual party into a nutshell - to forget about the realities of the current outside world, just leave it outside at least for the time that we are at this party puzzle and just enjoy ourselves. Let nothing dampen our spirits. How wonderful to have a relaxed mind and body and an uplifting spirit.

Thank you for being happy for John's success in his driving.

God bless you, my friend.

Charming Smiles,
Jason and John. :-))


Dear Chelsey and Chelsey,

You are most welcome.

John and I are happy that both of you had a marvelous time in Nice. So glad that the dinner party has met both your approval.

I am delighted that you like your cocktail dress and the matching dancing shoes.

Ha, ha, Chelsey was so natural - first played with his bow tie and then wear it. He looked like a gentleman. A few of the ladies asked is they could just hold him, hug him and dance with him - well, just take a few turns round the dance floor. He obliged - with your blessings.

Smiles for A Dancing Cat,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Jason and John - Thanks for entertaining us like Royalty. Your friendship is so treasured. You are amazing hosts and throw such incredible parties where we forget reality and just enjoy ourselves, where we can let our minds and bodies relax and our spirits soar free ♥♥♥ God BLess and so happy to hear your incredible news of John's driving abilities (of course we knew you would do well !!!) Salute! Le'chaim! Cheers! Enchante! Lots of love brightspark and sparklightie xxxxxx


Thank you for a marvelous time we had past few days in Niece. We enjoyed the dinner party last night the best. It was great to see John being so happy and to hear him talking. Thank you, Jason, so much. And I also would like to mention I loved the cocktail dress and shoes I found waiting for me in our room. There even was a bow tie waiting for Chelsey, first he was going to play with it then he decided to wear it. Thank you, Jason.


Bubble and Harvey,

Yes, yes, I see you both dancing so elegantly and gracefully :-) All eyes were on both of you as you take to the dance floor and they continue to follow you where you move to on the dance floor.

The chocolates are irrestible :-)

The Magic Carpet, that has been assigned to you and has been serving you and Harvey since John's birthday last year, is a special one. He is cheerful, knowledgeable and cheeky. Now he is smelling of lavender. He told me that he will want to try the jasmine and rose handmade soaps next week. Meanwhile, he has hidden all his gifts. Under his carpet :-0

Bubble and Harvey, do keep safe and well.

Smiles of Dancing Like the Stars,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Jason and John,
This is wonderful news for the start of spring - we're so happy that you are both fit and well and have come through this experience without too many life changes.

Harvey and I are having a marvellous time at the party - you can see us both dancing at the bottom right hand corner of your puzzle.

I certainly look forward to tripping the light Fandango with you both later on, so save some space on your dance cards !

Your good bye gifts are luxury indeed, I'm afraid I've already opened the chocolates, but we're saving the champagne for later.

I will make sure my Magic Carpet is well rested and freshly vacuumed before he leaves us. He's a very cheerful chappie and I've given him some of the scented soaps to keep his fibres smelling sweetly.

Hugs from your Canadian friends and keep well. ꓚꔚꓛ


Hope that you are having fun at this party, Clive :-)




Clive :-)


Would ....should have said What....!!!!


Welcome Robin to this party :-)

John and I are delighted that you are having a good time.

Thank you for being happy for John's recovery and successful journey to good health and on his passing of the driving test.

May the rest of 2020 be a good year for all of us.

Thank you, my friend, for understanding how much work that I have put into all the 6 April 2020 puzzles (for most folks, it is easy, however, for me it takes a lot of time as I am slow in creating puzzles).

As you may already know, this will be the last individual virtual birthday puzzle that I will be creating and posting.

Smiles of Good Times,
Jason and John.


Would a wounderfull Birthday Party you have had John at Jason's expense, well done Jason and I have been privileged to have tagged along with both of you, thank you both.
Nice to hear that the Volvo is on the move again well done John now you have the open road ahead of you to enjoy.
Puzzle time....0:16.


Thanks for the wonderful virtual time! John, I am so happy you enjoyed good health for your birthday, and congratulations on doing so well on your driving test. May the coming year bring much more successes and happy surprises. Thanks, Jason, for the time and effort you put into the details of this party. Best wishes to you both. :))








someone I missed this party! thanx Jas!