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red capuchin pigeon

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Old Dutch Capuchine pigeon is a small to medium sized bird and it’s body is desirably carried horizontally. These birds have well rounded head which is broad enough at the back to be fit for a broad hood. Their eye’s iris is pearl white and rather sprightly. And the ceres are red to flesh colored and are of fine texture. Their beak is medium in length which posses fine wattles, and the beak slightly curves at the tip. Neck of the Old Dutch Capuchine pigeon is of medium length and it narrows to smoothly blend into the shoulders and breast. Their back is broad and gradually tapers off towards the rump. Their breast is broad, full and is lifted just in front of the beak’s tip. And their wings are not overly long and are nicely carried up.
Legs of the Old Dutch Capuchine pigeon are medium in length and are bright red in color. Their shanks and toes are featherless. The tail is narrow and well closed and short compared to the proportioned length of the body. The breed comes in in black, yellow, red, blue with black bars, silver with dark dun bars, mealies with red bars, white self and cream with yellow bars. Average mature body weight of the Old Dutch Capuchine pigeon is between 310 and 370 grams. Photo and info from PigeonSpot and Wikipedia.
Beautiful birds, good temperament, graceful birds with exceptional qualities, known for it’s head crest, unique hood, good for exhibition purpose, good for ornamental purpose, good for raising as pets
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Looks like it is ready for any Siberian winter weather. What an elegant bird (even though I don't really like pigeons). dj

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