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Friends laughing

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A asks " What type of tea is that?
B answers " I don't know. I found some of its leaves at my grandson's cabinet..


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Chery34. We call these leaves "Egyptian" but they don't come from Egypt. They are type of laxatives. Thanks for your visit.


Thank you Michelle for liking the puzzle and the story. I really cared for my mom-in law!.


ADORABLE and thx for sharing your beautiful story with your mom in law ♥♥♥ so nice to have a heartfelt laugh ♥♥♥♥


Hi Bekka, good to see you again. Thanks for liking the puzzle and hope to keep on laughing and having good life.


Marina, I couldn't stop laughing! This is so cute, and funny - thank you :-)))
I love the story of you and your mother-in-law.


You are welcome puzzeljac. Glad you liked it.


Sorry kids, but when I saw this photo I remembered my late mother-in law, she was a great friend for me for 27 years.


Jigsaw fanatic, I agree with you. You never know what type of leaves you can find in adolescents' cabinets..They could be tea leaves or something worse such as Egyptian tea leaves which solve chronic problems of constipation..LOL!


Thanks Janet, laughing with friends is so refreshing. Many years ago hubby and myself went on vacation with my in-laws. One night my late mother-in-law (Julia) and myself got really drunk with tsipouro (which is a strong distilled spirit containing 40–45% alcohol by volume) and we started laughing..and couldn't stop. We were sort of sick the next day, but we had enormous fun, together.


I'm happy you liked it Irisriver.


You are welcome nrhartman. I'm happy you liked it.


Deanna, good friends share laughs like that. It warmed my heart when I saw this photo. I'm glad you liked it.


Hi Jillian, at the beginning I thought they were drunk ( drinking from the saucer), then I did some search at the Internet and plenty of people gave their own version. You can't imagine the versions I came through..LOL!


Isaly, I agree with you. We are going thru terrible times so some laughs work as medicine.


I'm glad you like it, Jaklien.


Wow great, the photo and the joke. ♥♥♥


Leaves in the grandson's cabinet could just be tea, or it could be a lot worse. At the age these two are at, the grandson could be old enough to be "experimenting".


I love the friends laughing thanks Marina and your joke too! Yes I agree they do look like true friends. Hugs to you. ♥


Many grins and smiles! ☺♥☺

One of the most beautiful photos I have seen in a long, long time. As Deanne put it, this is what a true, genuine friendship looks like. Thank you, Marina.


This is what a friendship looks like, a beautiful photo, thank you Marina ♥:))


LOL :-)


Oh Marina that is delightful, the picture made me laugh (love the tea in the saucer) and the joke is very funny. Thanks for the fun


This is great Marina. Thanks for the laugh. We all need some good laughs now.