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Actors Describe Their Most Dangerous Action Movie Stunts - Willis

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From the comedy website The Onion.

The Intro:

"As an actor, there's no better way to demonstrate your craft than by risking your life for a multibillion dollar studio franchise. We asked some of today's biggest action stars to describe their most dangerous stunts, and here is what they said."

13.) Bruce Willis =

"While shooting Die Hard, [Director] John [McTiernan] insisted I crawl through the air ducts even though we were still awaiting the diagnostics from HVAC on mold and pollutants."
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My brother and I always said that the only thing that kept us alive through our childhood was TV Dinners, when mother didn't feel like cooking.
My mother thinks that her soups are wonderful things, and eats them all the time. And she's 90, and still alive!!!


You're bringing back so many wonderful memories, @Surreal_Heidi . My parents were raised in Savannah, GA, so they had southern cooking in their blood. Everything had to be boiled beyond recognition and nice and salty. I've never bought a container of Crisco (lard) in my life but my mother had 5-7 cans of it in the pantry at any given time just in case something needed to be fried up. OMG! And yes, I'm familiar with that orange grease floating on the top of food products. I can't believe I've made it to 72.


I think that Bruce Willis needs to surrender his Medals for Toughness and Bravery to you ladies!

@Donnajames, @Surreal_Heidi, @Juba1010, KittyCounselor


@RebeccaB - that's a sad story!

I'm trying hard not to laugh...


Her soups always had an inch of orange grease on top. You couldn't see any other colors.


Oh geez, @Surreal_Heidi , I burst into laughter to keep from gagging. I bet she never realized why, no matter what she put in the soup, it was always a putrid shade of green. Thank goodness you didn't eat it and you're here with us today. :-) My mother wasn't a good cook, but not that bad.


My own stunts usually end up with broken bones!!! :-)) dj


"I do my own stunts, gosh I am thankful to still be alive." Maria


I heard that on Star Trek: the Next Generation, actress Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi) was determined to try one of her stunt scenes herself. She chose one where they were all "stunned". She threw herself backward with force and flair... and broke her tailbone. She said it was extremely painful, and took several months to heal, but nevertheless she was proud of her "extreme acting". Finally she got to see the film of her fall - she was all of one inch high, the scene was only a few seconds long, and she said her own mother wouldn't have recognized her. Lesson learned!


My mom worked and was finishing her degree after the age of 46. She was allowed.


My mother had a horrible way of cleaning out old food from the fridge. She used it to make soup. If it was old or unidentifiable, it would go into her soup pot. And she was proud of her ''unique'' soups. She never understood why I refused to eat her soup, either.


My mom wasn’t good at cleaning out the old food after we lost my dad. I was often the one that had to exterminate what ever was growing in there. She was a gagger.


@morepiecesplz - This is from The Onion, a comedy website. Willis didn't say it, it was made up by a comedy writer. I guess the joke is that Willis wouldn't know jack about HVAC or mold or, in fact, the last seven words of his 'statement'. -- Excellent response from you, though! :-)

Good heavens, THANK YOU, Juba, for reminding me to clean my fridge before my own mom arrives here this afternoon! I'm looking forward to it, we always have good times; but I live with several cats, and the house is pretty stanky.


My mother’s refrigerator would have terrified him.


He could have taken some disinfectant wipes with him......


Who knows, that mould might have rotted away the hair from his head.

Moreover he might have got his knees grubby...


He considers THAT his most dangerous stunt in Die Hard? I am so disappointed. To think the indestructible John McClane could be taken down by mold spores... yippee-ki-yay, pollutants...

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