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He Hides Q-Tips

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135 pieces
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In August 2020, my sister rescued a scrawny little black and white kitten that had been dumped on a country road. He grew into this beautiful tuxedo cat. With quirks. Many quirks. Including stashing Q-Tips under the edge of the couch, the edges of rugs, and - my favorite - the edges of doors.

The sis also plays Jigidi and has posted many puzzles of him (betterlatethannever), however, she plays in the 300-400 piece range and is deaf to my requests to post smaller puzzles. So...when she sent me this pic of him relaxing in his cat carrier (one of his preferred places), I decided to take matters into my own hands...bwahahahaha.
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  1. guwisti14:02
  2. Talana14:11
  3. vbrewer6415:47
  4. Isabeau15:55
  5. Bemusement16:22
  6. trudychapman6420:12
  7. cheercher2221:39
  8. Lagleigh24:54
  9. Hatawa28:45
  10. Traveler73431:14


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Our Ginger now usually waits till 4:30 a.m. or a little later to jump all over our bed. She has my partner well trained--he gets up and feeds all four cats, then usually comes back to bed.
Our Q-Tips are safe in a drawer. I can't imagine finding them in unlikely and likely places.


I think it's hard to take a bad photo of him @Bemusement. He is so adorable @viv23, although I don't think the sis feels that way when he is jumping on her bed at 2:30 am. Although @guwisti and I think it's hilarious.


tee hee hee! I LOVE that he uses her bed as a trampoline!


BTW, that is such a pretty carrier. No wonder he loves it!


135 i just right for me! Thanks for being flexible!

Smudge does look young in this photo.
Okay, can you do this one in the 60-90 range, preferably closer to 60? Thanks very much, ~Patsy

Looks like he's learned how to pose!


Believe it or not, @beyondwords, she took that picture tonight. He does look a lot younger. I guess it's the way he's looking up? BTW, just let me know anytime you would like me to recreate a puzzle in a smaller size. Ty for the kind words :)

Hey Smudge! Is that you when you were younger? This kitten's face sure looks like your unique face.

135 puzzle pieces is still more than my current favourite range, but much, much better than the size of your usual puzzles (which I always bookmark and often do eventually anyway because I like you so much). Thank you @vbrewer64 .~Patsy

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23 September 2017 - 17 June 2014
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