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If my cell doesn't show who is calling, I go online and google the number. Robocaller tells if it's a scam and most often has the call recorded so we can listen to it. This is the transcript of the most recent one I received. (:
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on the computer calls., they ask if you want to talk to a rep. press 1 ,if you don't press 2 to be taken off their list. I press1 . when they come on the line I blow the heck out of my whistle.


The way I see it is every call is suspicious, I can't see how this is ever going to end. Today I got some good laughs on Youtube, watching videos of computer techies scamming the scammers by wiping their computers as the scammer is actually trying to do the same to the techie ones.

Recently, I had a run of calls every thirty minutes or so for two days straight. They'd leave one of those messages that my cloud account had been compromised and tell me to call back a different number than the one from which the call came. BBB says that having you call different number is a dead giveaway that it's a scam.


That's a great idea if a human calls you PutterDutt but what about those computer generated calls? I wonder if a whistle would work on those. That's the kind I get, you don't get to tell anyone off.


Good tips for those not as aware as you and I are, Duine. There's a certain sound, and a slight pause before they begin babbling that is a dead giveaway that it's a robocall. I bought a London Bobby whistle many years ago, and for the last several months it's lived on the table next to the house home. Good thing my dogs don't panic when I blow that whistle. As a matter of fact, they dance and bark! You would THINK that these blood suckers would realize that I'm NOT going to play thier nasty games and let them have personal information!!!!! Grrrrrrr!

Thanks for letting me vent, Duine, and thanks for others who may now be more aware.


Do like I did, add a name to each number you have contact with and ignore the phone otherwise. If it's a real call they'll leave a message. I didn't set up my voice mail since I rarely get calls anyway. You can also get the no more robo calls from the site that image is from. I rarely get the calls, but they started up yesterday and I've had 3 then and today. Another thing is to never use the word yes if you do answer, some record it and use it for other scams. The word privacy means nothing anymore.


I am being devilled to death by robocallers claiming to be calling from Medicare, or "the pharmacy" and there are a couple others, oh, yeah, insurance companies claiming that I requested that a salesperson come to my home to tell me about their insurance plans. THAT one was just today. I said, "Donna! You are a LIAR as I NEVER invite a salesperson into my home!" I then blew my whistle into the phone and slammed it down on her! But I know there will be more of those calls tomorrow......


Oh ginny14 you are a riot! I don't think I'll try that approach because I know I will just start laughing.


I hate th0ses calls, now I mess with their heads, one call I say[ you have reached mrs g's escort service, do you want a blond or brunette. have you been tested for hiv or std's, it's $300. a night'
lol. one guy told me to kiss his a$$


Thanks for posting this. I have 2 that call 2-3 times every day... I never answer but I never thought to google the #. My calls come on my land line not my cell. I am going to check the #'s later. Thanks again.

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