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What a Difference in 70 years ☺☺☺

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They were so feminine in the 50's ✿´‿`
Very few jeans worn on ladies ✿´‿`
They wore slacks or pant suits ✿´‿`
I do not like those ripped jeans at all !!!
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  1. redback7:37
  2. jwolcott1287:56
  3. kathywes7:58
  4. iseawave10:00
  5. Kasperas10:15
  6. mato10:49
  7. twinkletime10:50
  8. Mudiooch10:58
  9. Evdkm13:49
  10. 2cats4dogs13:53


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Those were the days! Some lovely dresses. Thanks.


Yes, you have a good point, rosesroses. A pretty dress does make a woman feel feminine, and pretty. :D


Ladies....LADIES....still dress well. I don't mean to sound caustic, but there is at least a bit of truth in the statement. I feel sorry for the young women who have never experienced the femininity that goes with a pretty dress!!!


I've noticed that about the price of patterns and fabrics. Still, it is really something to have your clothes fit perfectly. One thing my mom also did, now that I think about ready-made clothing, was to alter anything we got off-the-rack that didn't fit right. She had some wonderful skills!


I sewed clothes from the time I was about 12. I learned from my grandma, and then I had a class in Home Economics in junior high and learned a lot more. My oldest daughter used to sew a lot for herself and in later years for her nieces. It used to pay to sew, but now it doesn't. Ready made clothing is much cheaper than buying fabric and patterns, in most instances.


My mother would sew her own dresses, and make dresses for me and my sister, too. We often had brand new dresses for Easter, made by mom with consultation from us on details and fabrics. It was so nice having clothes that were tailor-made to fit. I sometimes feel completely inadequate compared to my multi-talented and energetic mom, lol. I tried to learn to sew, but the first few items I made got thrown on the floor by me several times before they were finished, and I decided sewing was not enough fun to continue.


MaryEPear Lol!


I'm a 1950s gal, and I think the dresses look very nice. Those ripped jeans are really awful! If anyone had worn anything like that in the 50s, we would have probably taken up a collection for them to buy some nice jeans!

I agree. Ripped jeans one of my top hates.


I agree with you, Bubby2. My mother had the hairstyle of the woman in the pink dress, middle bottom, too.

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