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THEME: Turtle Building, Niagra Falls

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Creation Story Turtle Building
It is now defunct. Closed.

[Ronanglinx, 05/28/2017]
The Native American Cultural Center that was once
inside has been closed for a while, but the stylized
turtle building exterior remains.

Turtle Building
This turtle-shaped building was the former Native
American Cultural Center. When I was a kid I
remember them hosting pow wows and other neat
events. Sadly the building is not open and currently
for sale or lease.

[Suzette, 07/07/2012]
The prominent structure, dating from 1981, is just
across the street from the American Falls. The giant
turtle is part of the Iroquois creation story, which
says the earth was spawned on a turtle's back.

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Pretty scary face for a gentle animal, thanks.


It looks even more like a turtle from the air. It also has skylights in the shape of an eagle.


It sure wasn't open long!!! Maybe it's it grumpy face & scared the kids, you know, like a ''snapping turtle''. LOL


This is so sad that it is closed and for sale!! Cool building! I went to Niagara Falls Canadian side 3 years ago...AWESOME (✿◠‿◠)


Thanks, Joyce. You even "headed me off at the pass" with the info. LOL

I haven't been to the Falls in quite a while and the last time we went we "did" the Canadian side. I've been meaning to go back for the new Underground RR Museum and will have to check this building out as well, whenever this virus "just fades away."

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