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  1. grimric2:55
  2. Ianto3:10
  3. Gulliver3:39
  4. Redneck013:47
  5. Longbow14:41
  6. knit4:44
  7. musicladyann4:58
  8. Rosaackles5:02
  9. kbboyce105:06


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We never stop praying.


I feel so sorry for all the teens in high school who are missing out on the best years of their teen lives due to the pandemic! Most especially, those in their senior year! I hope that it is going to end soon and that it doesn't ever happen again.

I am so glad to find this again. I called my granddaughter Jules today. I sang to her and she said thank you. I said I called a little later today because, I waited until school was out. She said school was in and out again, because a classmate tested positive for the virus. She said, Nana it is so disgusting not being able to be in school to learn and be with my classmates. So sad. She is "Sweet Sixteen" today Jan. 20, 2021


Oh, my! I can't believe you have found this and posted it again! Believe it or not, she is now 17 years old and is a senior in high school! She is still a dancer and how I wish I knew how to post a pic of her dancing! Even if I do say so myself, she is quite pretty, too. She will be going to college in Austin, Texas, near where they now live.


If I'd have known how much fun grandkids are, I would have skipped kids and gone straight to grandkids.


She is now 13 and a pretty good little dancer - also becoming quite pretty. (Grandma talking....)
I don't have any current photos that I can put on here, but I'll see if I can get one.
Thank you all for your very kind comments!


What a lovely young lady Mary. You must be very proud of her! Now you have 100 solves on this one. ☺


She will be 13 in March! Time flies. Thank you for your comments, everyone.

She is a beautiful little lady and thank you for posting her picture. I put it together because my granddaughter's birthday is today and she is eleven years young. Jan.20,'16...9:59a.m.




Thank you all. I forgot that I made this puzzle, so it's nice to see it pop up again.


happy birthday sweet grandaughter of mary xxx

so sweet


Thanks! She's my granddaughter. She's 11 now.


What a sweetie this is!!

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