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White-Breasted Nuthatch juvenile

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I have a family of six of these, and often the four youngsters would arrange themselves on tree trunks or the top of the T-pole from which the suet feeder hangs, while the parent would come to the feeder, grab some suet, then off to feed one or the other.

Two of them have now figured out that they can go to the suet feeder themselves, but I think the remaining two are still being fed.

This one was just hanging out on a limb stump, so I decided to try some shots.

I also have a Hairy Woodpecker male and a youngster he's feeding, and I see regular visits from the Red-Breasted Nuthatch, so it/they may also be feeding young.
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Nice photo, interesting info about your visitors.


@RoanokeRose, yes, they live as far south as northern Florida, but they tend to be birds of the forest, so depending on your local environment, they may not be common. I see them at my suet feeder, and - at least during the winter - regulars at my sunflower seed feeder. They fly off with sunflower seeds, tuck them into a crevice in tree bark, then peck them open to get the nut - thus their name "nuthatch".


Around here, the birds most likely to build a nest under a roof is the phoebe. We left the door to a shed open, and discovered a phoebe was building a nest in the shed. We had to make sure she was out, then close the door, and let her start again somewhere else. On our currently vacant property, one built a nest under the little roof which connects the lower house to its garage; they were unhappy whenever we visited and went into the house!


Lucky you! I saw a white-breasted nuthatch at a reserve a couple of months ago, but it was a long way away and my photos were terrible. Just good enough to prove I knew what I was seeing. Someone, I think a finch, build a nest under my patio roof. I didn't know it until I found three dead featherless chicks on the patio in front of the sliding glass door. I climbed the ladder and there was still one chick in a nest that seemed sound, but it died too a week or so later. I just took the nest down. I don't know what went wrong, but if it had anything to do with the location she can build a nest somewhere else and try again. Broke my heart! I am so happy to have birds in my yard.


What a fine family! We seem to have more rose-breasted than white-breasted.
Another great photo, Don.


Pretty little one and so cute. Thanks, Don.


Nice photo, Don! He's a cutie.

Nice photo. I've never seen one of these in my bird feeder so don't know if they come as far south as southern Va.

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