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My Egg-Layers

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They seem to love their new home. As you can see, Cocoa, my brown chick is now a black chicken! She is a Bantam and has feathers all down her legs and feet. Last night they walked up the ramp to their nesting boxes all by themselves!!! I feel like a new mom whose baby rolled over by herself for the first time LOL!
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Thank you so much everyone!!


Congrats Nancy and Ryan.I wish more people would take care of their poultry the way you do.
I love this little "house",so cute and original .TFS


Wow, nicer than our house! A special home for your little kids. Sweet!

It looks like we finally got rid of the 8 squirrels we had, well at least 6 of them. And the roaming cat! Only two brave squirrels around. Otherwise I would have been asking about that fence.
Your ladies have space in that amazing home, plus you would not have to be looking for eggs everywhere. ❤️ your labor!


THIS IS THE BEST CHICKEN HOME I HAVE EVER SEEN - well done Ryan ♥♥♥ nana you sound like a really proud Mama ♥♥♥♥♥ ☺


@BirdNana They can't come out to play until we get another solar powered electric fence next week. They seem happy so far as long as I throw in fresh grass, mealworms and wild strawberries that are all over our grass.

What is not to love about this lovely house! Do they spend their day there or do they come out to play?
Aw sounds like Cocoa is gorgeous, any chance of a photo of her?
Oh I see the ramp, so that means the house is a lot bigger than it appears. So cute!
I imagine the white door (another on the other side) is to collect the eggs?
This is so awesome! Thank you Nancy!


@nanapuzzler, well 'MoM' I am very proud of you & I can imagine the thrill that you are feeling doing this :)


I like this House design :) I appreciate it even if the chickens don't; they just want a place to lay their eggs, silly girls, lol ;)


@sillychick Neither do I!! This is my first time farming and raising chickens! It is a learning adventure. At 73, I guess it is never too late.


I am so glad that you are sharing this experience w/ us (well me anyway) It is very interesting, esp since I have no idea about this way of life ;)


@sillychick @brightspark @Birgit73 @BirdNana @Jaynine @Adam1618 @Denyce


Rudy wholeheartedly approves of your layers new abode, they are laying in style.
Kudos to Ryan and to you momma hen. (°ᴗ°) ♡


Ryan did a great job on this Nancy. Thanks for posting this.


Aww, that's sweet. They are doing very well. :)

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