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Life is wonderful with broken femur and pelvis

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O.D. - Odie - Our Dog
Rescued in center-divide of road, hit by car, broken bones. Received ownership, and low budget but effective treatment without surgery.
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beautiful friend


Thank you so much for messages for Odie.
The picture was taken about 8-9 years ago, and yes, Odie is doing very well. After a lot of traumas through this ordeal, she is still here today.
That was quite an ordeal, indeed, to pick her up from the road, 10:00 PM, center-divide, a few cars coming, while I picked her up from the center of the road. A few cars did come by while I was doing this.
Her femur was broken 1x, low enough, fortunately, so that the cast did immobilize the break. But worst of all perhaps, her pelvis was broken 2x; and, femur above the break was rotated through the ball socket in the pelvis. When I saw the x-ray while the doctor was working on her, and he could have talked me into pts right then and there. Instead he went to work. 14 x-rays to set the femur, and let's spare the details on how he set the pelvis.


What a horrible thing to happen. May he recover well and enjoy his new home :)


Bless you for rescuing Odie and giving him a good home. And a pox upon the low-life who hit him and just left him there in the middle of the road to be hit again! Sometimes I wonder where these "people" (and I use the term loosely) come from and why they don't go back. Please give Odie some ear scratches from me. How long will he have to be in the cast, and will he be able to walk normally once it comes off? Sherry

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