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Soviet T-72 tanks in full parade paint, for Ferretneck

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  1. DrMary2:06
  2. martiny2:14
  3. rfscudder2:25
  4. marctje2:26
  5. Skarvada2:54
  6. Emm3:22
  7. carb23:27
  8. anil523:30
  9. Pattonccd3:31
  10. Bert3:31


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Strange we find ourselves discussing this when today they have had another huge parade to celebrate VE day. Caught a glimpse on the box, got to admire the precision of the drill but the implications are still frightening.

I thank you for your input but after watching their antics today I will stick to my silly analysis. It makes them less threatening

I think they did it for show; even the dark green base color was a glossy paint. These particular vehicles also carry the "Guards" badge on the turrets, under the commander's hatch. These were awarded to units who had particularly distinguished themselves in the "Great Patriotic War" which we know as World War II.

Thanks a lot Mr. Scudder. Can see what you mean now. Can't really work out why. It does little to enhance their beauty. I recall during the war, vehicles here had white bits painted on them to make them more visible during the blackout. Could be the Soviet were having trouble with other drivers colliding with their hardware.

It do create a lovely mental image of the Soviet Military machine disabled as the result of collisions with hoards of Ladas and Moscovitches, driven by vodka inflamed civilians on unlit roads

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