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My wedding day 2 March 1968
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  1. Gulliver1:16
  2. yarnover1:17
  3. bodil1:33
  4. BERNINE1:33
  5. andie9831:34
  6. Impie1:34
  7. NewSong1:39
  8. jennylmoon1:41
  9. minkimau1:42
  10. chicago10371:52


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Life moves so fast , what husband is fine ?


Thank you, Irena. It certainly was a long time ago but the years have simply flown by. ☺☺


Pammi you have a beautiful memory on your wedding day, you are a beautiful bride :-) it's amazing that you are together for so many years. another year and you have the round anniversary ! I wish both to you in the health lived !!


That is the right way to think and experience life. Keep on staying positive, Pammi.

May God bless you and your husband, Eric.


Thanks again, Jason. A lot of living and new experiences have occurred between then and now and every one of them adds to the good memories we carry with us. ☺☺


Thank you for sharing your wedding photo with us Pammi.

Having lost the other photos make this photo even more precious. I love your radiant smile.

I am happy to know that your marriage lasts for a long, long time. This is something truly wonderful.

I hope your husband has already fully recovered.


Marlene, you are a sweetheart. Thank you so much for your very kind comments. I certainly will pass on your best wishes to Eric tomorrow. ♥♥

P.S. I just remembered another photo of my wedding I had in a frame. It is pretty faded now but it does show my (non) "pretty" face, sort of. It's a bit like me as I am old and faded these days. Hopefully it shows a life well lived. I can't ask for more than that. ☺☺☺


Hello Dear Pammi, I Just Found This One, [[ I Missed it Somehow ]] You Sure Look Beautiful On Your Special Wedding Day, [[ Even Though I Can't Really See Your Pretty Face ]] Love Your Dress & Pretty Pink Flowers. Awful To Loose All Your Photos That Way, Good Thing You Still Have This One With Your Sister & Friend. Sorry To Hear About Eric Being In Hospital After Falling, Lets Hope He Will Be Home & Well Again Soon, Please Give Him My Best. Love & Best Wishes To You Dear Pammi, Marlene. X X X X.


You are too, too kind, Bernine. I guess every girl looks like a million dollars on her wedding day. ☺☺


This is a dream , really beautiful ,just a fairy tale .


Hey Janet, it just goes to show, we were up there with the best of them, eh??? ☺♥☺


Pammi the cost of your wedding dress reminds me of mine. When we graduated from Teachers Collage we had to wear a long white formal dress, and my sister made mine out of satin.
Then when I got married the next year she made me a beautiful lace coat to go over it and changed the back of the dress, inserted a pleat with lace in it too. It was fabulous.
Thanks again and hugs. ♥


That I'm sorry , they have lost a lot .


Janet and minkimau. you are too kind. In truth, I think the material for the dress and the lace coat over it cost me about $30.00 and the lady who made the outfit only charged about $20.00. I can't remember what I paid for the veil. Just remember, this was forty-eight years ago and I was much, much younger and prices were so much lower. The girl on the left is my dear, dear friend, Wendy, who passed away in 1998 and the lovely girl on the right is my wonderful sister who passed away in 2013. Yes it was a dreadful blow to lose a whole suitcase of photos going back to when I was a kid when moving house. I think the suitcase must have been tossed into the skip we hired and nobody noticed and I did not realise until about twelve months later when I wanted to look at some photos and we could not find the suitcase. Girls, thank you for your kind words but I assure you I am really pretty ordinary in real life. ♥♥♥


Wow, that is very nice weddingdress and a very beautiful Pammi ☺☺


How awful to lose your wedding photos Pammi. I'm pleased you still have this one. You go look very beautiful. Hugs from Janet.♥


Oh Impie, you do say the nicest things. Wish it was true!! ☺☺☺☺


Wow Pammi, you look like a movie star in your beautiful pink weddingdress. I love it.
It's such a shame you lost all your wedding photos when you moved house but I'm so happy for you that you at least have still got this picture with your sister and friend as bridesmaids♥♥

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