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I'm A Chicken

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  1. Honi544:33
  2. babray4:49
  3. sds6614:50
  4. muffin335:03
  5. pstreule5:13
  6. Jabyin5:25
  7. bigchen5:45
  8. cruell6:09
  9. leriger26:12
  10. Lynetteoz6:24


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I'm on the same page Plumpossum:))


Without a handrail, I'll leave this adventure to those with steadier nerves than mine.


Lol, no probably not:))


No I don't think so Rosee :-)


I see a lot of people are like me. I would seriously have to think about going down. Oddly climbing back up would not scare me as much. Maybe because I wouldn't be facing the water as much. Thanks for stopping by:))


I cannot imagine anyone being able to go up or down and more difficult to imagine is whoever built this. Beautiful, however.


I'd be in the water bobbing..if I'm lucky. 50 yrs earlier it would be a different story.

I could neither go up or down nothing to hold on too

I think my heart beats faster just looking at the completed puzzle. I'm definitely a chicken, too!!! Cyndi, you are braver than I would ever be.


I would definitely be able to go down o the water but to come back up might be a big problem.....

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