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Last month I visited friends and family in Lebanon, Oregon. I was born in that town and lived there until I went to college. The home you see here in my puzzle was also "born" there. I recently posted a puzzle of a church in Lebanon. The puzzle got over 200 solves. I found this home right near that church. Hopefully, it too will get plenty of solves.
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  2. ljcowles5:07
  3. atina5:10
  4. PaxLab5:29
  5. jlcutright5:47
  6. Paroikos6:02
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  9. kusiyaya6:23
  10. PuzOz6:29


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PuzOz, I have never tried living in a house over 50 years old. Terry


Really nice picture, and wonderful old house. Our daughter is remodeling a house built in 1920 in Tennessee.


alemap, we are glad you found our site too. The number of solves and comments always drop off during the summer months so it is good to see new folks viewing our puzzles. Terry

Just done another of your puzzles, so pleased I found your site it is great,


cokefloat, the chimney is really prominent in this shape of house. That said, I guess you would want a good looking chimney. Terry

The chimney is great also... the mason went to a great deal of effort to give it a good look, from the bottom to the very top.


I love this old home. It has been kept up quite well with a beautiful yard too. That front window is very unique and some lady wanted something "different" t make her home to stand out, I'll bet. :-)) Thank you for taking a photo of this. I would LOVE to see inside a house like this and see what they have done over the years and how it looks. Thanks for all the information you always give us too. As susana55 said, it makes it more interesting. Great puzzle.


Olivia, different things like that window is the kind of things I like in a home. Terry


Susana55, When I first got on this site, I would see photos of different places. Sometimes I wanted to know where a certain place was. So when I started posting my own photos, I always added a description. Terry

Really pretty home. Love the front window. Thanks seagirl7.


love the house


This was lovely. Thank you for the background. Having information about the photos makes the solving just a little sweeter!

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