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Mount Whaleback Iron Ore Mine

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“This Overview features the Mount Whaleback Iron Ore Mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. 98% of the world’s mined iron ore is used to make steel, and is thus a major component in the construction of buildings, automobiles, and appliances such as refrigerators.”

-23.365360°, 119.675400°

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  1. beaton868:30
  2. seidhb8:36
  3. Kaffesoester8:47
  4. ljcowles9:05
  5. kimberlyk10:03
  6. stunned10:09
  7. Jarka2310:28
  8. eaross10:29
  9. lyoli702210:33
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Not I!


Who knew an open-pit iron ore mine could be so beautiful?!


I'm glad you enjoyed all of it, stunned. You're welcome!

Wonderful colors and liked the video and the google map. The center looks like they are doing a carving of two cats or dogs. Great post and very informative. Thanks!


It is very intriguing from the air. And while it is certainly a scar, it doesn't look so huge when you zoom out and see it in context:


It sure looks like it could be, Pat.


A very necessary thing, I guess, but such a huge scar on the land. Sherry

I love the abstract pattern of this as seen from the air. Beautiful, but probably not too good for the environment. (And I notice the word iron in environment, lol!)


You can't fool me. This is really close close-up of the Cat's Eye Nebula.


Haha, ljcowles, that's very good! Your patients must have no trouble opening their mouths around you! 😆


You're welcome, Janet. And what a surprising story!

Ahhhh, at last! After all these years! So many memories of Mom standing over us (before "Permanent Press" clothes)...making sure that we ironed our shirts and pants properly....proper settings, proper water level, timing each stroke properly, etc.
We often wondered about the source of those frustrating contraptions. Now, I finally know where the irons came from...the Iron mine.


Spectacular overview of the Mount Whaleback Iron Ore Mine. Love all of the colors in this. Thanks to @Oputz for the link....


Thanks Bill, had a look around, found this story:

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