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Over my dead body :-)

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Thats great Jigsaw. Then you bake these for Christmas. I would love to taste :-))))


I put it in my recipe file.


Thank you so much Alias, Jigsaw, Juba, Donna, Heidi, Lorna, PW and Janet for all the fun.
I know many will take a walk around this place to write down the recipe :-))))

Perhaps the "Wilderness Girls" (Troop Beverly Hills "Girl Guides/Scouts") will sell them?

Selling Cookies Song:

This is a good one. I should try to make the cookies, they are probably tasty as well.

While googling around I found this podcast:


She's sharing her recipe, whether she wanted to or not. And the rest of the living benefit from it.


Does anyone know where her Scrooge cookie cutter is?


Love this, Sissel. Now if you want to bake her cookies, walk over to the cemetery for exercise first.


Her final gift to the world. Now everyone cam enjoy her Christmas cookies!


Love this! Thanks Sissel.


And now her recipe is etched in stone for the world to know.


She saved it for the end!! Thanks and hugs Sissel. ❤️❤️


Thank you so much Rand for the link :-))))

Thank you Neville. Now 5 Tigridias up :-))))



That's a funny one, Sissel. Great post. ♥♥♥

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