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Reptiles - Baby Cobra emerging from its egg!

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This baby is able to care for itself immediately, and can spread its hood and strike on the same day it hatches!


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He must be a real charmer, eh Folsom_Puzzle? Lol! Yeah, a friend of mine was bitten by an adder once+it had caught him with 1 1/2 of its fangs, they told him at hospital that he was lucky, judging by the strength of his reaction to the venom, it had been an adult snake. An adult has learnt how to control the amount of venom to administers - whereas, born able to bite, a young one releases a full dose,as it has learnt to control it. I'm thinking maybe this little fella may be the same.
I have a beautiful 12-18 month old, 2 1/2 +growing cornsnake, but she's harmless. This wouldn't be me! Lol. ; )


can spread its hood and strike on the same day it hatches!

... and we're holding him with a bare hand WHY?