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Natasha - for Andie

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Sarah says, "You know your dog is spoiled when she won't eat her egg yolk without salt."
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Dear Mimi ,I didn't comment any of your puzzles as we were away and have just come back from Brittany..Now I'll try to catch up with them all.
Thanks so much for this photo of Natasha ,she is still so beautiful ,with her shiny white coat ! I didn't know about dogs eating egg yokes but Artus loves pasta bolognese....Thanks again dear friend,I'm delighted to see this photo and will do the puzzle right away so I can add it to my album .♥☺☺♥☺


Good idea Ginny, thanks! ☺


mimi, mayo is made with eggs, rub mayo in hair and cover for 15 min. then shampoo'


Yep Snooker, she does, thanks Ginny!
Hey! Will egg yokes give me shiny hair?????????

Ginny has the answer, Mimi. Thanks, Ginny.


they say egg yolks make their coat shiny


LOL Ginny, that is so funny, love it! ☺

Snooker I asked myself the same thing. I have no idea but will ask Sarah when next I see her. Natasha is getting to be an old lady now, maybe that helps her somehow. I may start eating egg yolks myself - with salt! ☺

Very funny for sure but maybe I've missed something about dogs. Why does she get an egg yolk?


lol, my doggies are spoiled also, my small rescue dog will not drink out of anything but a blue bowl.

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