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Battery Point

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As this weeks theme is Windows, doors, gates etc I am showing some of the lovely old houses around the streets where we stayed in Hobart earlier this month.
Dating back to the first European settlement of Hobart, and on the fringes of city centre, Battery Point is the city’s oldest and arguably one of its prettiest suburbs; a palpable sense of colonial history softened by cute cottages and chic cafés.
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Jill sorry your surgery postponed, my heart goes out to your grandson, it is hard for them to understand. Life will be different for a while, I had been enjoying going to the beach and the local gardens, but now have to stay in our neighbourhood, thank goodness for the garden stay healthy Hugs☺♥


You made me chuckle with etc part of the category. I really like that part too. Thank you, yes the surgery definitely postponed. All is well. Are you and yours doing ok?


Beautiful sweet house, its the trim along the top of the porch that really gets my attention(in the ect. part of the category). and across the top of the gable window in the roof. Sorry to hear about your surgery likely postponed. Hope all is well.


Nev it might be! Actually you are quite right it did seem to be an ornamental angel :-)


We are doing fine Val and both well. The situation has ramped up hugely now! All in isolation. We still have to rely on sons to get any grocery’s until our 14 days are up, then Paul will be able to do so I can’t because of my heart condition. I presume my surgery is also postponed. Our 3 year old grandson who lives just around the corner is getting upset every day because he can’t go to Nanna and Grandads house, it’s sad. Glad your brother is sorted and that you do have some who can assist with any needs. Hugs to you


Lovely puzzle thank you Jill, how are you going in isolation, we are in that situation now both being over 70☺♥


Thanks Janet, I agree such a cute porch. Take care, hugs


How beautiful thanks Jill and what a cute little house. hugs to you. ♥


@jerrys yes think might be one of the original owners :-))


@JillianB What a lovely house. Do you suppose it came with whoever is in the attic window? TFP


Judy I agree the windows are lovely. Thank you for your comment and I’m glad to be home too.


Love the French windows. Look at all the chimneys. Glad you’re home Jillian. :-)

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