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Kaleido hearts

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  1. Earendilwasa5:09
  2. dotshell6:03
  3. jennyb9:26
  4. K8C9:43
  5. jbugs10:07
  6. rian10:33
  7. djriggin11:21
  8. squareagle11:23
  9. kidtamer11:48
  10. shan406712:09


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We always had wood for our fireplace in Texas, and built cozy fires--even when it wasn't that cold in the winter. One Thanksgiving, we so badly wanted an excuse for a fire in the fireplace so we turned on the air conditioning!


Oh thanks so much for the feedback - I do appreciate it Dotty. I was wondering if the use of my colouring in (which I love!) and my kaleidos was a good mix. I'll put together some more soon. I can tell the cooler autumn weather is here - it's still dark at 7.30 in the morning. But daylight saving reverts back to the normal time next week so that means 7.30am will be 6.30am and it's acceptable to be dark at that time. My wood supply gets delivered on Tuesday - that's a good few hours workout for me moving it from my driveway and stacking it. Thank goodness I only do it once a year - often get family to help, but I do love my log burner. Cosier than a heat pump.


Very nice, Trish! That heart kaleido design in middle is just beautiful! Since I know you're experimenting, may I say that I really like when you combine colored pages with kaleidos. The background that kaleidoes need gives the eye a place to "rest" in from the busyness of all the color. Keep it up! It is so fun to see you create lovely puzzles. Oh, and I liked the red/black/white/yellow frame. Nice! Dotty

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