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@lizziehow Thank you, Elizabeth, and glad you enjoyed it. I do see you on the leader board! yay!

I just did it in 4:54 but it won't update. Jigidi seems to have dropped me off. Nothing has registered since I did my last system update. Weird! Pity. Anyway thank you. It is such a lovely puzzle. So colourful and with some complexity. Elizabeth


Thanks and you're welcome, my sweet friend. Rest well. Hugs n love. :)


Hahaa, that was fun!! Two good ones, love the ice cream. Thanks Cathy, have a wonderful evening. :)


☀️☕️☀️ Ruth Ellen, thank you so much and you're very welcome as always.

Thank you for this interesting puzzle.


@lizziehow I see it you?
Thank you so much and you're very welcome, Elizabeth :)

Nothing's registering on the Leaderboard, in fact NO Leaderboard. Lovely colourful puzzle. Thank you. Elizabeth