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Bella did not get Kereru (Wood Pigeon)

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  2. Dilubreuer0:27
  3. dobrajaneckova0:27
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  6. Fru0:38
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Maureen that is a lot of cats 10 phew! We feed the birds in several feeders, Bella is always out there looking but fortunately she is a better mouser than a bird catcher hugs♥♥♥


We have too many cats roaming around here. One neighbour has 10 cats.
Arthur feeds the wild birds and they come back year after year and build nests in our trees. What amazes me is ,that these cats know exactly when they hatch, and they
sit under the trees,waiting to pounce we continuously have to chase them away.
Very sad when they get hold of a baby bird. Hugs ❤️❤️❤️


Janet we had to take the bell off in the end it was all toothmarks and getting squashed lol Hugs♥♥


Val I did laugh at your cat holding the bell in his mouth. We had a cat years ago who loved catching birds and we put many collars on him with bells, but he managed to "lose" the bells, over and over.
Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Dobra they are really big, I was walking past a bush one day and one flew out right beside me not sure who got the bigger fright me or the bird☺♥


Ardy we used to have a big black cat that wore a collar with a bell on he used to sneak up the tree holding the bell in his mouth, the pigeon would let him get close on a tiny branch then take off the poor cat would be swaying away on his tiny branch, he never fell though HUGS♥♥


Welcome Eva☺♥


It is well!


Glad Kereru flew away. That sure is a big bird. Thanks, Val. ♥


This is a big pigeon, thank you Val for a nice picture. ☺♥


Lunie we have about 3 or 4 that fly around here always enjoy seeing them☺♥


Bella always looks astounded when they fly away Pam☺♥☺♥


Love the composition Val...and that bird is a bit big.


I am as pleased as you are pretty bird that Miss Bella did not make it. ♥♥


The funny thing Jacki is the bird is about the same size as Bella they are big birds☺☺


Another lovely photo. Thanks, Val.
Kereru, That was a close call.

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