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Take a stroll

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with me around the small township. The row of shops and restaurants is right by the water. Here we see the canoes for hire and looking across to the wharf. May 2022

Akaroa, was born of Volcanic Fire and soothed by the gentle caress of the Pacific Ocean. Subtly defined by the Maori, French and European influences of it's settlers. Canterbury's oldest town, Akaroa was founded in August 1840 by French settlers.
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Thanks for your extended visit here Marina, my pleasure to share this place with you


A picturesque place to enjoy yourselves. Interesting info too. Thanks.


You are most welcome, thank YOU JoJo 😊

Sparky so glad you enjoyed it, thank you ❤️

Suzy it is! A line up full of VIP’S 😄


Jacki, Jerry, Ed....that is quite the line up for the tour!!


Super duper and such a lovely pic ♥♥♥♥ hugs xxxxxx

Such a pretty and colourful scene. Lovely and interesting description. Thanks Jillian ☺️


Janet it is that, thanks 😊


Taisia glad you enjoyed it 😊


Looks like a beautiful spot


Beautiful place! Thanks, Jill!


Thanks Janet, you are most welcome.


Fabulous thanks Jill, what a beautiful place. hugs ♥♥


Jacki andEd sounds like a good plan, 😄

Excellent Val 😊❤️


Jill would love another stroll around Akaroa thank you ☺♥




LOL. Oh. so if you want to turn left, only the person on the right peddles? Hmmm, teamwork! Sounds interesting.

As fpr lee[omg Jerrys in line . . . Well, with Ed in front and me behind maybe we can manage. . . (speaking of teamwork) ;-)


@bluebird42 forgot to say that boat you mention is actually a double pedal boat


@jerrys 😂 Spit your tobacco out


@JillianB G'wan wit chew! ;-}}


Jerry some of those words were ‘borrowed’. Always great to have you around 😊

Thanks Ed, yes sure is 😄

Jacki that’s great you can keep Jerry in line 😉 Place was delightfully quiet, it’s popular over the summer months. Interesting that it reminded you of home. Thanks

Cyndi we can stop for a browse or coffee or icecream any time you want 👍🏼Thank you for your praise.


Thanks Jill for another spectacular photo. I would love to be able to take a stroll along the row of shops and restaurants too!


This looks so much like many of our harbors here with a few exceptions. Notably, I've never seen a catamaran style canoe before (that bright orange one), and our hills are smaller and more gently rounded. The scene looks so beautifully peaceful. Looking forward to the next phase of this stroll -- I'll be right behind Jerrys.


Pretty photo. More to come, I gather? :-))


@JillianB Such a poetic description you little word tinker! I'll be right behind you on the stroll. Thanks.

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