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Blue Girl Holly
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  1. Ianto1:24
  2. Robbos1:26
  3. shamimzy1:26
  4. Rhondasmith1:40
  5. Bella10001:41
  6. Moneyheffer1:47
  7. woodbridge1:51
  8. JM_Cookie1:52
  9. wigma1:52
  10. revreb2:02


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I would not plant any Holly today, we are moving in the direction of native and local plants over here. After 100 years of grand Victorian gardens, the RBG has taken a complete 180 on their collection of plants and are promoting a naturalists approach to working with nature and not against it. Huge efforts are underway to bring back the marsh, birds, fish, snails and all the tiny things the are supposed to be here. They have stopped short of cutting down all the lilacs but you never know.


Beautiful! I looked for a holly plant years hide and ugly downspout...but I couldn't find any as the nurseries consider it an invasive species.


I planted China Girl & China Boy
and Blue Girl & Blue Boy, many many years ago.

China Boy is dead, China Girl is not doing very well, but I keep her anyway.
Blue Girl is thriving and Blue Boy has taken over part of the yard.

I am told green holly would not thrive in my area.


I love Holly and so did my Mom. My Dad planted it along the front of the farmhouse. My step-mother had it ripped out and planted nasty boxwood. She told me I could not smell them because they were the odorless ones. She was wrong wrong wrong. They smell like cat pee and vomit to me and don't even look pretty.

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