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First birthday smash cake

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  1. js80874:04
  2. Willy1234:31
  3. christ7874:45
  4. Melinda125:07
  5. eksmith5:35
  6. JohnCz6:35
  7. 21396:46
  8. hemmie7:10
  9. teach48:51
  10. jboxall10:30


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RebeccaB - kids and animals can be very challenging. It took him almost 30 minutes before he showed any interest in the cake.


For a brief time I took baby photos at a small studio, and occasionally a first birthday cake was brought in to add to the picture. Of course the parents didn't want the baby to touch it, as they were going to share it with family later. It was quite the challenge to distract them just enough - too excited and their arms & feet started flailing. I remember one little guy who sat very still except for "waving". I was so intent on his hands, I never saw the foot coming. Managed to take a snap just as it hit the cake, which to my great relief his mother liked - WHEW! It was fun... when you were successful. :)


Thanks for sharing. In a few years time he won’t remember any of this till he sees this photo - and groans!! Happy families.


Thanks! It took him a while to get into it.

Congratulations!! He's having so much fun!!! ... Sherry :)))

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