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Top of the mountain

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What is this crazy lady doing at 10,680 ft? Below is Albuquerque Nm and to her left is our house at 5400 ft. Our side is at 57 degrees and here it is 28 degrees.
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Thanks for the tip, Ardy! I'll check them out.


Sandy, if you are going to do much of the cold weather photography get some fingerless gloves. I have some nice ones that have a "hood" the folds down over the ends of the fingers when you need. Plus they help keep the rest of the hand warmer. I think I got them from B&H. ☺


Ardy, he goofed. We are on a Crest. I am looking East and our house is on the other side of the crest behind me.
Shirley, I didn't have gloves so I could make camera adjustments. By the time we left, my fingers were freezing. It's been many years since I knew what that felt like. LOL
Too funny Ank! I'm afraid of revenge! :)


Richard, you better keep her under control. Soon she will get cold feet and she wants to heat them against you.
I think you live in a beautiful place. ♥♥♥


After this photo shoot, I bet you headed home to the 57%, I know I would have :)
Did you build a snowman, Richard?


She'll be home cooking tea in no time at all☺☺


How far to the left in your house? That's an amazing difference in temperatures. The warmer the better for me (to a point). Thanks, Rich.


Wow, what a difference in temps! Love the photo, btw! Thanks PG!

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