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  1. baggins099:43
  2. DawnBR9:56
  3. RiverSmiles10:54
  4. dzep11:52
  5. fogcity12:03
  6. Silverfox12312:19
  7. jamesrhodes12:27
  8. needleworks12:28
  9. iowamom98712:39
  10. jrlamesa13:11


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Thanks Cathy. The storm track on this one is bizarre, for sure. They predicted that Laura would just be a Cat. 2, but now it is up to cat. 4. Tornadoes are more a threat to us than anything else from hurricanes. We are at 385' above sea level, but live on 6.5 acres of forest. Which is very dry right now, too! Took a meal and pie to my Father in law in Longview last weekend, and even though thay had flooding twice, earlier in the sumer, now they are dryer than us. I hope we all get rain!!


@RiverSmiles Hi Kim; Thanks so much and you are very welcome.
I am an northwest of San Antonio and I doubt we get a drop of rain out of this storm. I do hope it doesn't do any damage in your area. Stay safe.


Hi Cathy, I like your knitted-looking squares. They are so colorful and look as though they would be quite cozy. I'll go out and put up all my wind chimes, bird feeders and lawn furniture in preparation for Laura. It looks like we will get some wind and just a tad of rain. We are about an hour Northwest of Houston, but there is always the worry of tornadoes.


❤️ Glad you are much better. Yes, it's a terrible thing what is going on. I haven't been to town since March....I'm out in the boonies. Get better and better. Hugs n love. ❤️


❤️ The Cup❤️ Thanks Cathy❤️

Every day is a new day and I’m getting a little stronger. The worst is over, but the breathing problem is the part that takes your life..and I’m not pushing the situation but try to accomplish something every day to help me getting’s going on a month this week and I’m very blessed to have to survived this awful virus..

Take care..Stay Safe.. and take the COVID-19 virus very seriously ❣️❣️

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