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Pouto Point Lighthouse

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The Pouto Peninsula is a landform on the northern Kaipara Harbour in Northland, New Zealand ... The lighthouse was automated in 1947, and closed in the mid 1950s. The structure still exists and was renovated in 1982–84


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Jerry and Marina we are all in agreement ☺️ thanks


Very pretty lighthouse. It's good they still keep it. Thanks.


Glad they've kept it! TFP


Glad you enjoyed Chelsey, thanks


Beautiful lighthouse, thank you, Jillian.


Hugs to you Janet and pleased you enjoyed it.


Mother123456 that would definitely make you even more partial to them I think. Thanks for comment


It is for real, glad you found it interesting my friend Lunie


Jaklien glad you enjoying some nice weather. We had a minus 2* frost first thing this morning but then the blue skies and sunshine took over.


What a cute lighthouse thanks Jill, good that is is being cared for. Hugs my friend. ♥

I love lighthouses. I used to live close to one in BC.


Initially i thought it was a miniature model but it is for real...Thanks Jill for another interesting post i like.


Thank you, Jill. The weather is varied: nice and warm and then soft rain. I often go out by bike, on foot or just to the gym. Plenty of exercise.
I've seen that the winters are not very cold with you, that's good!


Ha ha Brian, hadn’t noticed I’d changed that! Thanks for the extra giggle.


Hi Jaklien glad you liked it. Trust you enjoying some lovely summer weather and getting out on that bike ☺️❤️


You were right to get excited, I wasn’t thinking about the lighthouse which you have converted to a windmill LOL, have a good week mate !
We are just keeping warmed up on the pub crawl, pace yourself.........B


Very pretty lighthouse!


Got a bit excited there Brian, but then I realised you were talking about the windmill ☺️Thank you Mr Ambassador


Wonderfully restored Lady Jillian, thanks.....B


Thanks Deanna, I agree it’s great they are kept in good repair, especially as many of them are at end of walk ways etc. Despite GPS many of our light houses and beacons still play a vital part in coastal and harbour safety. ☺️❤️


Jill, that's wonderful! Thank you for this lovely photo, it is good that these monuments are renovated, although they no longer serve their purpose. The light would definitely be beautiful, even though the sailors probably don't need it thanks to GPS, it's a shame ♥:))


Porgy we have 23 working light houses and 75 light beacons. The accessible ones that aren’t working (like this one) have mostly been kept in good repair. Thanks mate


Sure looks in good shape Jill, a shame it is not used anymore. We have two lighthouses in Bermuda and both are used.