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roll 'em roll 'em roll 'em

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  1. PollyvR41:24
  2. Arabel44:43
  3. mm6047:16
  4. mamabear48:19
  5. crashnot49:12
  6. jmccolgan50:26
  7. BMarq5651:18
  8. Jensom51:24
  9. yroets51:41
  10. Nurseturley52:21


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My new sewing machine is here. I haven't really used it yet except to try it out - actually Roy is figuring it out and then will teach me. I've always been a try it first, if it doesn't work, read the instructions. He doesn't exactly agree with my philosophy. LOL

The weather here has been really nice with sun and temps in the 60s. We've been outside every day. Sewing is for when the weather is bad.

Hugs to Cecilia and Donna ((((❤️))))


glad you liked the puzzle Donna
Dan is in a good rehab facility in the next state ... lol ... I have 2 bridges to cross the Ohio River ... one from WV to Ohio and the other from Ohio to Kentucky. Luckily we are in the tri-state area and the trip is only about 30 minutes. I don't like bridges. I want to close my eyes, but that wouldn't be smart since I am driving. 🥴


I originally designed the shape as paint cans for Frieda Frogg and friends... They were tumbling and dripping paint. I like all of your suggestions. Hat boxes would be fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

These (? ottomans, rings, drums, hat boxes ?)are absolutely gorgeous! Such fun to solve. Thank you very much.


I'm glad Dan is doing so much better. Yes, human clothes always help in making you feel normal. Wow!! He sure lost a lot of weight. It probably won't take much to put it back on once he gets your cooking again. Maybe you can carry HIM over the threshold. I kid Roy about this all the time as he never has. Of course, I'm tall and my lowest weight was 140 when he met me.

The machine does have a needle threader. I'm glad because my hands aren't as steady any longer and it was a pain trying to get the thread in. I do have threaders but I'm also stubborn. LOL I have a pile of stuff to sew in the elastic so I'm anxious to get it. We will have many "new" pairs of PJs. LOL


Brother is a good machine. I have one for traveling. I know you will enjoy it. Did you get the computerized or manual model?
Did you get any bells and whistles like the needle threader?
I don't think it will take you long to figure it out. I think it is a user-friendly machine.
Most things are not as good as in the 'olden days'. LOL

I am glad you enjoyed the colors and patterns. I have so much fun creating the patterns. I have a kaleidoscope program and I can take any picture to make all these patterns.

Quick update. Dan is doing really well. PT worked with him over the weekend which was unexpected. He already seems stronger. He got to walk up and down the hallway (with his walker) today.
He ate all of his lunch. He has lost way too much weight. From 200 lbs to 140 lbs. I will be bringing him snacks and bad stuff like donuts.

He was dressed in 'human' clothes and PT made up his bed. I think this helps get him out of the hospital mentality.


Hi cecilia, I loved all these drums. I especially enjoyed the colors you used and the patterns.

I have a new inexpensive sewing machine being delivered Tuesday. My 50 plus years old one died. The cost to get the old fixed would be more than a new one cost. It also only had one basic stitch as compared to today's models. My old one was a Singer and this is a Brother. I'm wondering what the learning curve will be.

I do very little sewing but we're replacing elastic instead of throwing clothes away. The elastic today is terrible. I have clothes that are about 30 years old and the elastic is still elastic. We also had a couple of chairs where the cane broke during moving. We're taping the breaks and sewing covers. TGWA ((((❤️))))

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