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191_9338 Varanus varius, Lace monitor, goanna, Varanidae

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This one was in my garden yesterday (8th Jan'16), it's maybe nearly half the size of the other Lace monitor!
This one was "cuddling" up to another small one. I disturbed them when I was carrying the washing basket to the clothes line! This one was happy to watch me for a while then walked away!!

"Lace Monitors or Goannas are one of Australia's largest lizards. They have strong claws and powerful legs. They are dark grey to black in colour with cream or yellow scales forming bands and blotches. There are usually black bars across the snout, throat and chin. The tongue is long and forked like a snake . Monitors are the only lizards that have a forked tongue.
The head and body length grows to about 55cm long with tail about 140cm long.
Goannas are predators and scavengers eating insects, small mammals, lizards, nestling birds, eggs and carrion. It is common for several monitors to feed from the same carcass. After a large feed they are able to go for many weeks without feeding again.
Mating takes place in Spring and Summer. The female Lace Monitor lays from 6-12 eggs.
The Lace Monitor / Goanna is found in eastern and SE Australia from Cape York Peninsula in Queensland to South Australia"
"These are usually laid in termite mounds, particularly those found in trees. The female digs a hole on the side of the termite mound, lays the eggs and then leaves the termites to reseal the eggs inside the nest. Later she returns to the nest and opens it up with her strong claws to allow the baby monitors to escape."
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Thanks Dilubreuer! I used your link. We have a similar in Nth Queensland! I did the jigsaw there as well! Thanks!!



They look well fed down there Kate...and the skin is different, will send you the of what we saw on our way to the waterfalls.


Hello jacki! They are interesting creatures!! Thanks jacki!


i never heard of this one. the females pre and postnatal care must be unique. fascinating. thanks.

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